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It was pathetic.

A brown, scrawny, little rose plant in a lady bug container barely holding on.

My mom wanted to buy it. It was beyond reduced, for the little guy the store had marked it down to .99 cents. I did not see the point in spending money on something that was so obviously doomed from the beginning.

And my mom? Well, I wouldn't necessarily say she has a green thumb. She sometimes gets distracted by other projects and in the past her plants have paid the penalty.

We argued, because that's how we communicate, about why she would even want it. She was certain she could save it, and if not she added, it was only .99 cents.

It has been almost six months and she has loved this plant back to life. That is the only explanation. She was patient, she watered it, made sure it got sunlight, trimmed its leaves and talked to it.

She loved it back to life.

Literally, the plant was wilted, brown, and draped its dying body over the cheap lady bug pot when we first spotted it in the store.

Her baby has tripled in size, given her 8 roses, and many days of happiness. It grew and flourished despite having a death sentence, it responded to the light and love of a happy environment.

I am not afraid to admit at times l have been wrong and dismissed things quickly. Sometimes I can be shortsighted. I can rush, hurry, and scramble through life and wonder if it is really worth it to exert the extra effort into cause, into an event, and sometimes even a person. At times I am jealous of my mother; she sees the light in most situations. Lighthearted people are drawn to her; they flock to her open arms and loving heart. My mom is a lighthearted, sweet person so I understand the attraction. I am serious at times and for the most part, I tend to get the serious people who turn to me, confide in me. I willingly put myself in those situations and love to help anyone anytime I can. But sometimes, it can wear on your soul, it can put a burden on your heart when you cannot help someone. It makes you feel like a failure, like a fraud, like you should give up at even trying anymore.

It can make you want to give up and question why someone would go out of their way to help nuture something back to life.

I asked my mom why she chose to save it, why she wanted to put in the effort, the time, the patience and the love when something appeared to already be dead.

She reminded me gently, that all living things are destined for death but that did not mean we should ignore the life that is still living within them.

It is amazing how a phrase so simple can trigger the compassion and empathy that should always live in our souls. It can remind us why we we are here, that we can help. That to dismiss life is to dimiss our ability to help, to offer, to share a part of our soul and our gifts with others. To deny ourselves that opportunity to serve others, is to reject being the change we want to see in this world.

We should always try to help.

We should always see the beauty past the broken.

She reminded me we should always fight for life.


  1. I loved this one! What a wonderful phrase to live by! Doesn't mean we should ignore the life that is still living within! I will carry that with me today!

    Just one positive thought, one loving touch, can make even the wilted turn their face towards the sun! ♡

  2. Thanks Gretchen. That is so true!

    It's amazing how the right words can set us back on course :-)


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