Reach And Work For It

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars."


Yes, I understand it. I support positivity and quotes and inspirational memes and lyrics that urge us to follow our dreams.

But I also support realism. I don't want the moon. I don't want to be somewhere I cannot breathe. I don't want to land among the stars either. Don't people understand that they are made of gases and will kill you? I want to be able to reach for dreams, my life goals with grace and poise, with an understanding they are plausible and possible.

Unfortunately, I have reached the point in my life where I am not sure if I should push on or give in to the mediocrity I worry awaits me. I used to wake in the middle of the night clutching, grasping, reaching for the closest instrument that could  properly catch the idea or stanza that sang to my soul. Now, when those ideas tempt me, when they tease me I only half-open one eye and debate writing them down, I wonder if there is a point to interrupting my sleep for a few pretty words that may take me nowhere.

It is not just my writing. It is my career, my health, my family life. I wonder and probably worry too much, if the things I am doing to make a positive change is worth it. I second guess my motives, my goals, my intentions and overanalyze them choosing to question myself to exhaustion if they are truly my goals. Are they worth the effort? Are they worth the hard work? Are they worth the time?

Am I worth the trouble?

Years ago, I would easily say no and walk away from what I wanted even if I was close to to it. I would button up any hope, desire, want and creativity and convince myself that the nice things in life were meant for other people.

Nice things?

Oh, you know, recognition, reaching personal fitness goals, confidence, doing what you wanted, feeling loved and loving those around you unabashedly.  Those sound like simple goals I know, but for someone that feels broken and not worthy, you might as well ask Benedict Cumberbatch not to be sexy, it is just not going to happen.

We talk ourselves out of being ourselves. We settle for second rate versions of ourselves and we should not.

We build up these fears, these doubts, these excuses for why we cannot achieve our happiness, our dreams. We blame setbacks and failures in our lives for not reaching for what we want. If we were wiser, and honest with ourselves we would learn from the experiences and use them as stepping stones to the life we want.

Over the years though, thanks to people that love me, and some hard work on myself, I found that I am worthy of the things that make me happy. I am no different than anyone else in this world who is brave enough to chase their daydreams.

Yes, it may be hard, it may be uncomfortable to break out of our everyday pattern and try something new to get closer to the life we want. Yes, we may fail, many, many times. We may look foolish and resemble nothing close to grace and poise when we reach for our dreams.

And that's okay.

We are worth the trouble it takes to reach for our dreams.

Our desires, our wants, and our fantasies. There is no perfect road to the life we want. It is all trial and error. It is mistake after mistake, a little foolishness, bravery and common sense that help us get to where we want to go.

I will never get published if I am too afraid to enter a contest or submit my work. I will never meet my weight loss goal if I slack on my exercising and quiet my inner cheerleader. I will not make an impact on my community if I stop volunteering and donating my time.

So yes, I will keep working myself into a sweaty frenzy and towards a healthier me. Yes, I will encourage my inner cheerleader to shout my praises. And yes, I will keep writing down my ideas when they sneak up on me in my sleep.

Dreams are beautiful. They are lovely to have but if we want to make them a reality we cannot simply reach for them and console ourselves with bitterness and sadness when it falls outside our grasp. Like anything else in life, we have to work for our dreams. We have to get dirt under our nails, we have to sacrifice, we have to be willing to make fools out of ourselves to make those dreams a reality.

But you know what? Honestly I would rather work for my dreams and myself than anyone else.

Today's blog is part of Sunday Confessions hosted by Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer. Please stop by her site and see what she had to say about Reach, and what the other brave bloggers wrote about today.


  1. This right here is the reason I'm meant to read your fabulous blog today!!! Thank you Jenn, this is the kick in the ass I needed today. Hugs. ��

    1. Jeanine thank you, enjoy the kick in the ass ;-)

      Once again, sweet friend I enjoyed your blog again today but could not comment. It's never a bad idea to reach out for help when you need it. Love to you and your son.


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