Revenge? No thanks.

I am not a complicated person.

I do not do revenge. I cannot. It gets messy. I don't like messy.

Do I have people I have hurt? Yes. Did I set out to hurt them-no. Have people ever hurt me? Oh goodness yes.

Why no revenge?

Why not carve time out of my precious days on this earth to focus on being cruel and mean to someone who has hurt me?

Why not just ask them to hurt me over and over again?

Revenge is, cruel, it is mean, it is giving the target control over your emotions whether you want to admit it or not. It is allowing someone who hurt you to drive your actions.

It does nothing but perpetuate the circle of pain in this world. If your point of seeking revenge is to show the person how much they hurt you, I find that useless, because they know exactly how much they hurt you with their callous actions and words-they just do not care.

They do not care.

It is best to heal yourself, to lick your wounds, to find the happy in your soul and focus on growing it and move on.

Revenge fills your soul, it consumes you, it erodes away a little part of you when you seek it. It tears down compassion and integrity and replaces it with pettiness and anger.

It is choosing to drag out a connection, a relationship with someone who has caused you pain under the pretense of wanting to hurt them, wanting them to feel just as bad as you do, when in reality you just want to know why and how they could hurt you. Revenge will not help you answer those questions.

If you choose revenge, you are no better than the person who has hurt you.

I wish I could write something clever and outstanding about revenge, but this is it. I see no point in revenge. I find it disturbing to choose to spend our energy, the limited time we have on people that have aimed to tear us down rather than with people who would do anything to build us up.

Chances are, the people who are hurting others in their lives are searching for something, maybe love, maybe themselves, only they know. That does not excuse their behaviors or intentions no matter how screwed up they are. We should never hurt someone else's feelings because we are simply unsure of our own.

But if the person is truly in a weird place, looking for themselves, looking for happiness in the wrong places by causing pain, what do you think seeking revenge on them will do? Suddenly help them see the light of all that is good? Or is it going to drive them  back to doing exactly what you find appalling?

More often than not, life will take care of those who have a tendency to hurt others. Call it fate, karma, whatever you want to, but our actions-both good and bad-catch up to us. Our reputations precede us, whether we want them to or not. We can aim to revenge those who hurt us, but that is asking the universe to reserve a spot of karma ass-kicking for ourselves.

If there is a negative source in your life, remove it and move on. Focus on you. Do not feed it, do not encourage it, leave it alone and kick it out of your life.

Recognize that being hurt is a part of life, that is unavoidable. How we react, is totally our choice. Maybe this time you simply react and revenge on someone who has hurt you but what about next time? The next person who comes into your life -you think is going to hurt you hurt them first. Is that okay? Is that healthy? No, it's you allowing past experiences to control your present and your future and it is robbing you of happiness.

In the end, life is too short to focus on the people who have been cruel and mean to us. It is too short to allow anger and hate to dwell in our hearts and use our energy and time to hurt someone else when we could be focusing on building ourselves and others up.

This has been a Sunday Confession about Revenge, hosted by Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer. Please don't forget to stop by the link up to find the posts from the other brave bloggers who linked up, with blogs that are probably more lighthearted and less preachy than mine today. And as always, have a Happy Sunday.


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself! I didn't write a confession because I do not believe in revenge! And while I could have done a silly post about water fight revenge! Or dart guns at midnight! I opted out!

    This confession was perfect! ♡

    1. Dart guns at midnight? That sounds like fun! Thanks for stopping by and leaving some love :-)

  2. This very well written Jenn. I believe everything that you wrote about in your blog. You did accomplish what you said you couldn't, by writing a very clever, outstanding blog. ��

    1. Thanks Jeanine! I appreciate your kind words sorry it took me a while to respond, haven't been on much lately, but I appreciate your feedback as always! ❤

  3. Wonderful Jenn! Thanks for being here for another Confessions!

    1. Thank you for hosting yet again and putting our brains to work :-)

  4. Agreed. I've never been one to fight after someone becomes irrational. I just keep marching on without them.

    1. That's the best kind of march, a march to your own drum and to a happy you.


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