Secret Subject Swap: October 3, 2014

Hello and Happy Friday! Welcome to October's Secret Subject Swap hosted by the one and only Karen from Baking In A Tornado.  Last month14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style.

Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

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My “Secret Subject” is:

If you could stop one thing in history
from happening what would it be?
It was submitted by: Stacy Sews And Schools - thank you Stacy!

My immediate response? The Holocaust. Then one second after that my mind became a flurry of all the events I would erase from history.

African slave trade. Rwanda genocide. Spanish Influenza. 9/11. "Ethnic Cleansing" in Bosnia in the early 1990s. The Black Plague. Salem Witch trials.

Oh, and so many, many more events I would wish to erase from our world history.

I would love to erase anything that caused people pain. That caused families to be torn apart, heartbreak, suffering-that generated more hatred and malice in this already mean world.

I cannot pick one event. I cannot willingly choose one event over another. I refuse to choose one event to be more important, more detrimental than another. How can I choose to alleviate the pain of one group of people rather than anothers?

Maybe I should be able to but I cannot.

In conversations with friends and school mates during history classes I often heard people state they wished they could have gone back in time and assassinated Adolf Hitler. But couldn't changing the past cause worse changes for our present day? For our future? There is no fight that Adolf Hitler was a cruel, creepy bastard of a human. But, some of his generals were worse. I never knew that, until I started hanging out with my history buff husband and his dorky friends. Too many times was I drawn into conversations that have made me pause and wonder what would happen if we altered our history. Say someone found a way to go back and kill the monster that was Hitler-bloody fabulous in my opinion-but would it change anything?

We would still have to contend with the ridiculous anti-Semitic mentality many people had at that time. We would still have to watch and worry for those people who willingly signed up and tortured many poor souls because they had the same beliefs as Adolf. Maybe it wouldn't have happened the same way, maybe it wouldn't have happened at all....or maybe it would have been worse?

What if John F. Kennedy was never assassinated? How would that have changed the United States history? World history? Would we have pulled out of Vietnam earlier? Would the space program have been further along than what it is today? Politicians and history buffs debate and speculate how history could have been but we will never know because we are only allowed the history we have.

I struggle with the thought of what is meant to be will be? How is a genocide meant to be? How is an act of terrorism meant to be? Because some low-lives thought of it and made it so? Does that mean it was meant to be though? Is anything meant in this universe or are we all just random bits and pieces of chemistry ambling about and trying to make it throughout our lives as happily as we can?

There is a movie I love and hate, called Sliding Doors. The movie follows a woman, Gwenyth Paltrow, and sees how different her life would have been if she caught her train on time or if she missed it. It runs the scenarios of both and how her life unfolds. Even though her life goes down different paths in the parallel universes in the end it comes to the same conclusion basically and you are left to wonder if it was fate or coincidence that brought this woman to the same outcome?

It drives me nuts, thinking about what could have been, what would have been, how we could alter something or the ramifications of the changes that we would never ever guess to happen.

I suppose, if there was one thing, one event I could change in history, it would be the part in evolution that gave us "mob mentality".

During the time of Hitler, even with the exteme hate and anti-Semitism mentality occurring, there was more that motivated humans to join in and treat others inhumanely and in unimaginable ways. Put one person with a hateful group of like minded individuals and watch the mob mentality take over. With cruel and hateful leaders promoting and assuring these fools that was what is "right" they follow. Mindlessly. Devotedly. Disgustingly.

During the Nuremberg trials, many of the officers justified  their sick participation and heinous acts against humanity by simply saying they were following orders. They followed orders to butcher people not only because they wanted to, but because it was supported, encouraged, amongst thousands of others they considered peers. They gave in and accepted the mob mentality.

This has been a theme throughout history. How else would slavery become common and accepted by many people-since biblical days? How else would ethnic cleansing be justified by their murderers? How else would witch trials continue and many innocent women burned or drowned? How else do too many sporting events end up in useless rioting? How else did big hair become popular?

Because people, foolishly fall in step with fellow idiots who may start out scared. Then they let their fear and inhibitions run wild with them and take them to places they would never dare go on their own. Maybe it is instinct to fall in line with the herd, maybe it is a survival instinct, and maybe it is simply cowardly.

I suppose if it was anything I would change it would be that. No singular event, no erase of tragedy, no way I am a Saint for absolving pain from people. I suppose, I would let history unfold how it already has, because it is history. I cannot change it and I suppose I would not wish to.

Rather, I would content myself to be independent, to avoid the crowd, and to live in my present making the best future possible for those I love and those I do not even know.

The past is the past, it cannot be altered, it can only serve as education to us all, if we choose to study it and remember it.


  1. I LOVE what you did with the prompt. Wonderful answer.
    When I think about changing history it makes me think of The Butterfly Effect. He kept going back, over and over again, each time things would end up worse than they were before.

    1. Thanks Stacy. It was a difficult one for me since I want to erase anything bad or violent from our history but changing our history would essentially change us...and I don't think I'm up for that responsibility.

      Thank you for the thought provoking and challenging prompt!

  2. Incredibly thoughtful. You could have gone so cliche with this and I love how you didn't. You put your heart and soul into your answer and I couldn't love it more.

    1. Thanks Karen, this one was different but I enjoyed it! Made me think...hate humanity...then regain hope again after I realized that there are good people in the world who speak up when bad things happen.

  3. Stephen King took on the whole JFK assassination thing in 11/22/63. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. It was really good. Heart wrenching but good.

    1. I have not read it but plan on it., I've meant to for a while but then I forget about know shiny objects ;-)

  4. I remember Sliding Doors. How about The Butterfly Effect? You should read 11/22/63 by Stephen King - where a guy goes back in time to stop the assassination of JFK.

    Excellent points on all accounts.

  5. Thanks Robin.

    Absolutely loved The Butterfly Effect as well. I will read that soon-I actually wrote it down so I have a shot at remembering next time I am at the library!

  6. I totally get the whole concept of trying to choose one thing, and I'm with you, I'd be all about removing pain and suffering, but at the same time, in many ways we don't have to go back and change history. We changed it back then. America kicked Hitler's butt. We abolished slavery. We may not be able to eliminate all the evils of our past, but we surely conquered all of them, so far. Great post though. It's a spider web to imagine different outcomes and what not, but the movie reference was a perfect one for this. Deep stuff. Love it.


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