Always Be

Always be thankful.
Always be nice.
Always smile.
Always be generous.
Always dress nice.
Always be prepared.
Always say something nice or nothing at all.
Always give the benefit of the doubt.

Although, those are lovely sentiments and goals they are impossible to maintain and it is silly to attempt to. Always is a constant. Always does not fail, it is consistent. It is regular, always shows up every time.

You cannot force yourself to be something every time, every day, at all times. That is wrong, that is unnatural, and impossible.

It is okay to be upset. It is fine to embrace resting bitch face. There is nothing wrong with speaking your mind or confronting those who have made your life difficult.

It is okay to lose your shit at times.Not all the time and you cannot live there but it is okay to feel overwhelmed with what life throws at you and react accordingly or not so accordingly.

Following a mold of how a person 'should act' will not help you be the person you are meant to be. It simply means you are giving up the parts of you that make you genuine. The goofy parts, the forgivable parts, the mistakes that help you learn valuable lessons in life. Sometimes you will not know how to react, you will not and cannot be prepared for the things that happen in your life, that is when you improvise, when you learn a new way, when you find out what works for you.

You are human. You are a growing, changing, evolving, real human who feels a myriad of emotions while experiencing this scary, exciting, painful and joyful world and cannot be expected to act in one manner at all times.

Just be you. As dorky and cliched as it sounds, be you. Be funny, be silly, have your bad days, cry when you're sad, be bright, laugh too loud, burp when you need to, be mad at those who hurt you and forgive in your own time-if the act is forgivable to you.

Just do not give in to some silly notion that you must act a certain way, talk a certain way, edit or censor yourself so that you may conform to a ridiculous standard in this lifetime.

Whatever the day brings, wherever the occasion, always be you. Experiencing life any other way is torture.

This has been a Sunday Confession with the one and only Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer. Please stop by the link-up and check out her hilarious confession of Always, and see how the other bloggers who joined in today interpreted the prompt. Happy Sunday all.


  1. Oh how much I love this excellent blog Jenn!!! Thank you so much for validating with your eloquent words what I feel in my heart. ❤️


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