Quietly and Quite Quickly Life Happens


It is the only accurate speed to explain how our lives progress. Even in the moments that seem slow and horrifying the universe is rapidly and unapologeticly rushing past us bringing our short days to an end.

And there is nothing we can do about it.

Accurate and shocking statistic but 100 percent of people born will die. It is a truth that many have an issue grasping, fully understanding and coping with but it is inevitable. If we truly embraced that fact, it could help shape our lives in the most amazing ways.

We attempt to delude ourselves that we have time, that we will make time, that we can multitask and make the most of our time. Did you know multitasking, real multitasking, is believed to be a myth in the scientific community? What we are actually doing when we multitask is just switching to another task in front of us. We are not doing both at the same time. Think of when you try to write an email and hold a conversation with somebody. Often times you stop typing to talk or your conversation comes to a halt because you are focusing on what you are writing. Which is normal.

Neuroscientists have researched and found that the reason we cannot truly multitask is because our brain needs to focus at the task at hand and cannot divide its attention to other things. It cannot handle the interference, so the frontal lobe switches to other tasks that need to be done.

I know, it is somewhat off-putting and upsetting that we think we are being proactive and in the end it does not matter, we cannot squeeze more time out of time. What we get is what we get, there is no changing that.

But we are forgetting that we already know how this story will unfold.

We. Will. Die.

We may not know exactly how or when but embracing that little tidbit can make our lives so much easier. Instead of waiting for that elusive someday to be the person we want to be, to do the things we want to do, it can help us experience and enjoy life to its fullest right here and right now.

I admit, I am attempting to take these words to heart. I am still in the process of learning to accept joy into my life and loving myself. I am writing and reading them and trying to drill them in my head that we do not have infinite time. We are not immortal. We must not be afraid.

I am thirty years old and that boggles my mind. I do not know how that is possible since it feels like I was just in high school a couple years ago. I have been with my husband for thirteen years somehow even though it feels like we just started dating. When I catch my mom in the right light and her silver strands of hair twinkle at me it takes my breath away. I do not remember growing older or life rushing by so fast. One day we are wondering what it is going to be like to be an adult and the next we are wondering where our.childhood went.

There are days I wake up early, get ready for work and take time to apply make up, specifically bright red lipstick. I outline my lips, apply, blot, check my teeth and go on my merry way. Then after ten minutes, I brusquely walk back in the bathroom and wipe it all off and hope that one day I will be comfortable with myself to wear it.Because of silliness, because of insecurity, because of fear really. Fear someone will notice and think I'm trying to look better. Fear someone will compliment me. Fear that someone will confront me and ask me why.

Why is that even a fear of mine to wear bright red lipstick and have someone ask why I am wearing it?

I believe we should never have to explain our choices to others but in a simple case like this, all I would have to do is summon my courage and say because I want to.

Because life is too damn short not to wear the pretty and shiny things.

That's it. Simple and sweet.

I have gotten better at other things and am working on my hang ups. I write more, I share more, I challenge myself to say what is on my mind and try new things. I hope to be really old and wise one day and I have heard that only comes with being young and dumb so I'm trying to learn and taste the world as much as I can.

Too many times I have missed opportunities to do what I wanted to do due to fear. Too many times someone I loved has suddenly left this world and I felt I did not properly explain my love for them.

Maybe it is not make up for you. 

Maybe it's a break or vacation you want to take, an apology you need to make, a  hobby you want to try or words you need to get off our chest. But you haven't done it because you are waiting for the "right time".

There is no right or wrong time, there is only time that is speeding by us so we must use it appropriately.

Time is one of the most valuable things in this life. We must spend it on ourselves doing what we want to do. We must appreciate that and spend it on those who bring light and life into our worlds otherwise we are wasting it.

We have to be willing to see that even though our time will speed by quickly, that it will be up before we want it to, that we can still make the most of it.

If you think you are too old or dumb to do something you are. You need to support yourself and believe you can do it, if you talk yourself down you will get nowhere. If your fear is that it will take too long, remember the time will pass anyway and what better way is there to spend time than working towards one of your goals?

We need to be comfortable enough with ourselves and our dreams and desires to do what we want. To be who we are and who we want to be. If we do not like something about ourselves or our lives we must be brave to seek out and use the instruments around us to change ourselves.

Wishing for a different life, for dreams to come true, for people to simply read your mind and know you are feeling is not going to happen. But finding that courage within yourself to be brave to conquer your world and do what you want is possible, you just have to stop putting it off to a someday that will never come and commit yourself to act in the here and now.

Todays blog is a Sunday Confession with the one and only Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer. Please stop by the link up and check out her page and the other brave bloggers who tackled the prompt quick and see where it took them.


  1. You are soooo right! Time is all that we make of it & our experiences are a reflection of our choices in how to use the time we're given. Beautiful read!

  2. You're right, of course,but there are times when just getting by is all we can manage. The best thing we can do during those times is to remember your words and know that there's more for us and tomorrow's another day in which we can try to achieve it. I hope you wear that lipstick, Jenn, and I'd love to see a pic with you wearing it and a big smile!

  3. Neuroscience fascinates me, and so does your brilliant, beautiful, mind Jenn!!! You will rock that red lipstick like the rockstar you are. Love this excellent read. ��❤️

    1. Thank you my sweet Jeanine! Neuroscience is so intriguing I can get lost in that subject for hours!


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