Rock Solid? Not All The Time.

Out of the three states of matter-gas liquid or solid , I feel that I am nowhere near a solid state. If life has taught me anything, it is that it pays to be flexible and that I know I am.

There are ideas and thoughts that I have a firm grasp on. There are things that I believe I would never do. And of course, there are people, places and events that no one can keep me from.

I am not sure is that shows how solid I am or my stubbornness. Maybe both.

It does no good to be solid all the time. To be rigid, unmoving, unyielding. I believe in having a firm foundation, to have something substantial to build our lives on but that is just the beginning of who we are.

Foundations crack. They break and need to be rebuilt. Sometimes we need to find harder materials to use, better materials, more dependable ones.

In the meantime, while we are searching for the new base to rebuild our new lives on, the best way to survive is to be flexible, to be fluid, to be the liquid matter that can be smart enough to go with the flow but strong enough to carve out the Grand Canyon with enough determination.

We need to be able to be gassy at times. To evaporate when things get too hot and steamy, to expand when we need to make our presence known. To collide and beautifully combust when we encounter the forces that elicit a strong reaction from us.

When the time calls for it we can be solid again.

Just not all the time.

It is okay to not be the rock, to not be the strong source all the time.

It is okay to be soft and malleable. It is okay to learn. It is okay to question our beliefs and ideals. It is okay to take time and explore what works for us.

It is okay to take a step back and realize what is worth building our foundation on.

The beautiful thing about having people and events shake us, attempt to break us, change us, that it gives us a better perspective of who we are and what we need and want out of life.

The harder the storms we weather the stronger it makes us and helps give us resolve to what we want in life.

When we finally make up our minds, when we find what is important to us, that is when we must stay concrete, that is when we have to hold on steadfast to what we want, that is when we hold on solidly to what makes us happy, what makes us whole, what makes us complete.

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  1. I love how you chose the scientific approach to explore the topic of solid. I am hanging on to your beautiful words of wisdom "when we find out what's important to us that's when we must be concrete." Much love and respect to you Jenn. ��

  2. Well put. There are times to be all three, maturity is being able to choose the right state at the right time.

    1.'s just knowing when to accept how and who we are or adapt to the situation.


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