Embrace Our Space

The observable universe.

That phrase alone indicates vastness and the unknown. There are areas of our universe we have no idea about because it cannot be visualized, because light cannot reach it.

Do you get how massive that is?

We are part of the Milky Way galaxy which is somewhere between 100 to 200 thousand light years in diameter. The term “light year” just means the distance that light travels in a year. It is as fast as anything can travel, at least that is what our brightest scientists and brave adventurers and discoverers believe.


One light year is 5,878,499,810,000 miles. And our galaxy, our little Milky Way galaxy is 100 to 200 thousand light years in diameter. 

Go ahead and take a moment. That's stinking huge. And that's still nothing.

Our universe, excuse me our observable universe, contains hundreds of billions of galaxies.

And here we are spinning on this tiny blue marble comparing ourselves to others and bemoaning our existence when we could be focusing on what a bloody miracle it is that WE ARE HERE.

That our atoms, our cells, our existence is here on this planet, on this earth that has all the gases, minerals, liquids that we need to survive. Furthermore, we are living in a time of civilization where we can fully grasp how amazing and awesome our existence is.

But we do not do that.

We as humanity, not one gender, not one race, not one city, not one state, not one country,  not one continent, but we as humans, as humanity, embrace divisiveness, choose to see differences, and decide to attack one another rather than enjoy the journey we are on.

We argue, we humiliate, we harm, we murder on this planet when we should be basking in the sheer ponderous and wondrous phenomenon that we are even here.

We stake claims that this land is ours and no one else's. We pride ourselves on our heritages and histories when we are babies in this universe. We put up imaginary borders swearing allegiance to certain colored pieces of fabric. Warring and killing one another over these borders, forgetting that we are all made of the same fabric. The same DNA. That we are all made of star stuff.

We claim these houses, these cars, these silly toys as our own. Our possessions in our spaces. We forget we own nothing but ourselves.

Just ourselves.

Nothing else.

Yes, we can buy things with currencies that we choose to give value to. Yes, we can legally own objects and items. But does it really matter? At the end of your days are you going to rejoice in the fact you had a bank account full of green paper because you spent the bulk of your weeks working away your life  instead of time with those you love cherishing and enjoying them while you could?

I know, I know. We are probably never going to reach an intellectually friendly utopian society. We are not going to stop mocking, murdering, or drawing lines in the sand with our neighbors. We most likely will never give up the capitalist societies we cherish and are so involved in we wouldn't even know how to get out if we wanted.

But dammit if we cannot take a moment, look up in the vast night skies and be grateful that we are here. That the same skies that bring us contented sighs can bring smiles to strangers on the other side of the planet. That we share this space with strangers. We do not and cannot own it or claim it by ourselves. We must hope that one day we can put aside our differences and choose to move forward and into the future together. Discovering, learning and maybe one day even redefining our humanity.

Instead of picking fights with one another whether creationism or evolution brought us here, we need to be joyous that we are here.

In this massively huge universe, we need to embrace the fact we are small. We are almost non-existent. That we silly specks in the grand scheme of things. But we small specks matter.

We matter. Every single one of us. How we treat one another, loved ones and strangers alike, how we spend our time, how we treat our planet matters. How we spend our limited time in this tiny space matters. We must choose to do big things in it while we are here.

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