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I have been nominated by the sweet, tea-guzzling, genuine, kind of pushy and quite the inspiring blogger as well, Gretchen from How My Brain Works for 'The Very Inspiring Blogger" Award. Honestly, I am not good at these blogs. Partially because I am still not good at taking a compliment and receiving an 'award' for something like this is a compliment so I shy away from it.

I was nominated for the Leibster 3 times…and still have not done it. If you do not know what the Leibster award is, have no fear, it's just another fun, silly nomination/award that holds no true accolades or monetary value. It is just a nomination from fellow bloggers that makes you feel good. It lets you know that you are read and appreciated for the words you deliberate over, the words you debate, the words you wonder if you should even write.

Basically to me, these 'awards' are the thanks you do not get. And it is proof that someone is reading those words. I have poured my heart into some blogs/statuses/poems that I think people will connect with, relate to, jive with, only to have no comments, no likes, nothing but the chirping of crickets and my self-doubt echoing back at me. If you are not a writer, you have no clue how scary and intimidating that is. It makes you wonder if you are just another idiot voicing an opinion, another poorly written slob, someone who is not worth reading.

So yes this is silly.

Yes, we nominate our fellow bloggers.

Yes, there is no 'real value' in the sense of money or compensation.

But it is a thank you, it is 'I amni reading you', it is a compliment, an appreciation , a moment to just have fun and write a doodle about what is running through your mind without fear or judgment of what you write.

Per Gretchen and I trust her research we are supposed to give 7 facts about ourselves so here goes nothing.

1)      Marshmallows disgust me. I just cannot like them. The texture, the taste, the smell-ugh. No thank you.

2)      I work full-time, volunteer part-time on a regular basis at a Womens Shelter with children, and am usually fund-raising for some cause dear to my heart  at least 4-5 times a year. I usually participate in events/fund-raising for the American Cancer Society, Special Olympics of Michigan and the American Heart Association.

3)      When I write, I like to be alone. If you interrupt me-not due to an emergency-there is quite a good possibility, you will get the stink-eye and attitude from me for a while.

4)      I write way more than I share. It is one of my goals to share at least half of what I write. With that, I know more than I share. I don't know why, but sometimes I keep quiet when I know the answer.

5)      I am shy. If we are friends, you will find that hard to believe, but I am pretty shy and quiet. Once I am comfortable around you, well then you are screwed and I won't shut up at all. Sorry, not sorry about that.

6)      I really do not understand why people like me. I find myself to be one of the most boring people in the world and am shocked whenever someone wants to hold a conversation with me. I have felt this way my entire life.

7)      I do not care how tacky it is, but I love leopard print, glitter, and anything bright and shiny. I might not rock it in my wardrobe that much, but dear god do I love it. Soo much.

I am going to nominate 3 bloggers who if they do not want to write a darn thing they don't have to. I am not about peer pressure up in here. It’s a safe zone. But I love these bloggers for different reasons and truly appreciate their writing.

Ladies, if you want to participate I just ask you share something about yourself, not necessarily 7 facts if you don't want to and maybe throw in why you write. Cheers & kisses to you!

Ashley from More Than Cheese And Beer is my first nomination.

Blog: More Than Cheese And Beer

Facebook Page: More Than Cheese and Beer

If you haven't checked her out you should. She is the creator of Sunday Confessions where she releases a prompt on Wednesdays and bloggers can link up with her on Sunday and interpret the prompt any which way they want. It is always amazing to see all the different responses and different ways people are inspired by one word. If you do not have a blog you can still participate by messaging her and she will share it anonymously on her Facebook page. She has a way of writing that draws you in. She can be funny or she can be deep. I wouldn't say she has one specific genre, I just know I appreciate her writing and the way she connects with the reader. I appreciate anyone who offers someone the opportunity to 'confess' and helps people draw out their own feelings or blog based on one word. It's pretty magical if you ask me.

Jenniy from Climaxed is my next nominee.

Blog: Climaxed

Facebook Page: Climaxed 

This girl can write. Seriously. Her writing is thoughtful and thought provoking. There are depths to her writing, whether it's a memory she's recanting for us or making us fall in love with her affinity for music. She can write fiction to rival Stephen King. Or she can go all political on your butt and make you rethink the values you supposedly hold dear. She has a palpable passion steeped in her words. Check her out.

My last but never least nominee is Murphy from Murphy Reloaded.

Blog: Murphy UnCut

Facebook Page: Murphy Reloaded

This lady does not curb her tongue, she does not edit her words to make you comfortable, she has her blogs that she calls her 'mind dumps' and I am so glad she dumps out her thoughts. They are raw and real and you can feel the emotion she is typing behind those words and you can feel the big ole heart she has as well. She might not write about the prettiest and sweetest things but she writes about life and what she is going through and that is needed more than we know. Too many times we get lost in false realities or wishing away our days, we need to be connected to who we are and what we are working through, and it is amazing to read her words and her approach to life.

I am beyond glad that I have had the opportunity to 'meet' these bloggers and read their work. They are inspiring for their ability to be open and share a part of themselves through their well-written words.  I truly hope you check them out.



  1. I love who you chose as your nominees. Very powerful woman and writers that I enjoy reading, listening, and learning from. You Jenn are the sparkle in a beautiful snow flake covered tree. I love to read, feel, and absorb your words. You have taught me to always write the truth. No matter if it leaves me exposed, vulnerable, or uncomfortable in my skin. Each comment, advice, and page love you send my way leaves me feeling elated and wishing we could have tea time together. Wishing you all the best, and I say thank you for accepting the Very Inspiring Blogger award you are an inspiration. 💖

  2. They're wonderful writers and I love how they share a part of their soul through their writing.

    Jeanine, you have no clue how much I appreciate you. I enjoy your writing and your words of encouragement lift my spirit so much. Thank you sweet friend ❤


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