Whine Away

Being alive is the hardest thing we will ever have to do. Sounds silly to say that but it is true. This life is not for the weak-hearted or the short-sighted. We have to live like there is no tomorrow while planning for our future. We have to find forgiveness for those who have broken parts of our souls to make ourselves whole again. We must confront our demons while searching for peace. We must walk the thin line of enjoying and employing our free will and satisfying ourselves and using our self-control.

There is much confusion, apathy, anger, injustice overflowing in this world overwhelming people. Overwhelming them so much that the only reaction they have is to whine like a little bitch.

Normally, I am described as a person with patience of a saint. I can take a lot, handle emotional and intense situations gracefully and happily. But when it comes to whiners my body breaks out in an allergic reaction to their unoriginality.

Life is hard. We know this. Whining and complaining about the hardships of life will better nothing.

If you have never had to do deal with the gross and difficult areas of life because you have been sheltered the majority of your days and in your early adult life find yourself struggling and complaining then I must politely ask you to shut the hell up.

If you complain because:

-someone took "your parking spot"
-you couldn't fit your left-overs in the fridge because it's full of food
-you just don't know where to take vacation because there's too many options

Then you can most definitely shut the hell up.

If you are that person at work (if you can't think of who it is...it's probably you) who whines about hard your job is and how hard you work-yet somehow find time to play on the internet, are never actually seen working and seemingly are always in some conversation complaining about work, refusing to acknowledge the freaky fact YOU ARE LUCKY YOU ARE EVEN EMPLOYED you should shut the hell up too.

If you are a chronic complainer, a lifetime whiner, if you do nothing to make your situation better but gladly and frequently indulge in listing every section of your life that makes you so damn miserable, then you can truly shut the fuck up.

I get venting. I get sharing. I get having to unburden our heavy shoulders. That is healthy and necessary. I really do understand people having different hardships to endure than others. To one person not having twenty dollars to go out with friends is a travesty. While to another a twenty would have fed their family for a couple days. Believe it or not, both are valid concerns and complaints. Even though someone's journey is not the same as our own, maybe not as rocky or difficult, but their tragedies and triumphs still are important to them and shape their lives and their plights, no matter how small they seem, do not deserve to be mocked.

I embrace and believe that fully.

But I also believe that if we have something that irritates us to the point that we find it necessary to obsess about it and dominate any conversation bellyaching and bitching then we have to energy to confront our issues and attempt to correct them.

Whining and complaining is, in the very least, acknowledging areas of life that make us unhappy or unsatisfied. It is, at the very most, an opportunity to reevaluate our lives and everything in it. When we find something that irritates us and gets under our skin complaining about it constantly does nothing about the situation. Choosing to grow and find something to make the state of our lives better is an option besides whining.

We will always meet people who are sand paper to our nerves. We will always find problems that pop up when we think things are going along swimmingly. We will always encounter problems worthy of whining about. But we have the choice to embrace them and try to make our lives better or simply whine away the rest of our days.

Both are viable options, but if you do choose to whine, please whine far away from me.

Today's seemingly angry blog was a Sunday Confession hosted by the one and only Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer. You definitely should check out the link-up, maybe you'll find some nicer bloggers who tackled the prompt 'Whine'.


  1. Loving every single word of your blog post honey!!! I agree I could start a laundry list of whining complaints as life has thrown me a curveball. At the top of my list would be I'd be pissed that I was whining about them. 😝 You sing your truth sister because there's people that need to listen. 😃💗

    1. Thanks love!

      I definitely understand the need to vent but incessantly whining and complaining only brings ourselves and others down. There is better ways to spend our energy and improve the problem rather than bemoaning situations we don't like.

  2. I worked once with a girl that spent the whole day just complaining. About everything. She was hot, her stomach hurt, always had a headache. I spent a lot of time in my head saying, shut up. I barely listened when it was something serious. How could I when she complained about it.

    I vent sometimes. I feel that everyone is entitled to that. Some things just need a whine attached to them. Yet. I see it every day. The incessant whine. The forever woe is me. No way, life can not be that bad EVERYDAY! It's why I do Cherish the moments and positive thoughts! Put it back in perspective. Not everything is negative. Impossible!

    Great read! Loved it.

    1. I think venting is totally healthy and necessary-if we don't we will explode.

      I just find it so draining to be around people who find no goodness in their lives and can only pinpoint the 'bad' or what they consider bad in their lives.

      Thank you for reading! ❤

  3. Jenn, I loved this post!
    While I can certainly be annoyed if somebody steals my parking spot when I'm running late, I also hate the constant nagging and complaining of certain people. Also I am very aware of how good my life in general is, and I manage to laugh about myself.
    I have great respect for people who have every reason to whine but choose to make the best of it instead. That's the spirit!

    1. Thanks Tamara!

      I know there's the little things we can complain about but there's always little things we can appreciate too. All about perspective ❤


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