A Ton of My Favorite Things!


Please let me introduce myself.

I am that utterly annoying person who falls in love quickly and deeply with anything and anyone that puts joy into my heart.

I have no favorite color it changes with my mood. Unfortunately, I have way too many favorite foods. Sherlock is my fave show. But so is Blacklist and Call The Midwife and Ultimate Survivor Alaska. My favorite days in my life have been lazy days spent doing nothing and the days that I have pushed myself  past recognition with hard work and sweat in uncomfortable territory. I would tell you my favorite animal but it is a toss up between dogs, cats, iguanas, penguins, aardvarks, ferrets and anything else I may spy my eye on.

I do not play it cool.

I do not wait the obligatory 5 days to call a new friend to not seem anxious. I exclaim and squeal when I find something adorable or glitterfied. I have been known to jumble my words or whisper a loud oh my God when my nerves are tingly and excited. I celebrate all the holidays, even the made up ones, because really it is fun and they are all made up in the end. I play new songs that make me cry or smile on the inside loudly and on repeat for days on end. When I read a book and am crushed and elated by the story line I will engage anyone else who has read it and encourage everyone who has not to read it.

Musicals, comedies, dramas and indie films are all somehow my faves. I enjoy quiet moments and loud moments each for their different qualities. I love bright and happy but then again dark and dreary too. I love hugs, cuddling and being alone. I love hiking and napping. I love debating and learning. I love rainy nights and bright sunny days. It has to be tea, cocoa or water. I love the fluidity of cooking and the intricacy of baking.

I love it all and have no shame about stretching and spreading myself everywhere and with everything.

I cannot pick just one favorite person, book, movie, activity, song or anything.

What I don't like I leave alone but what I do like I love, and do so enthusiastically. I love maybe too soon, too much, too hard but I would do it all over again every time. Life is too short to hide appreciation or love for the people and things that make your life worthwhile.

That is my short, sweet and favorite Sunday Confession until of course, the next one I write. Please check out our hostess with the mostess, the one and only More Than Cheese And Beer.


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