Annoyed And Aware

Kindness over dogma.

Pretty much sums up my religion. I am aware that makes some uncomfortable and I am okay with that.

Over the years I have learned I do not need to be immersed in a church to find what works for me and my faith. I know I would rather serve others than wait and pray for something to happen. I know I would rather donate my time and money to organizations I believe in rather to a building and a congregation who read the same archaic lines but do not apply them to their every day lives.

I believe in love and free thought. I love science and learning. I do not believe in shutting out other faiths or belief systems.

I have met loving, caring, giving atheists who would give the shirt off their back just because they wanted to make the world a better place and not because a promise of heaven awaits them.

I have met spiteful, untrustworthy and rude so-called Christians  who talk about their 'friends' cruelly and behind their backs. Many are ensared by their saccharin sweet charms and silly, silky smooth antics but if closely inspected we can see the person they are and who they are not.

That being said, I know not one size fits all. There are loving, beautiful soul bearing Christians and there are antagonistic angry atheists.

I understand.

We all have demons to fight. Stigmas to shed. Failures and fears to slay. Mistakes we must forgive ourselves for. We must overcome the fact that none of us are perfect and accept the reality we are simply human.

But choosing to uplift your saviors name while condemning others while continually and consciously being cruel or mean is no testament to your faith or your humanity.

It is simply a reflection of a sad person who does not know how to love one another.

I annoy myself for even caring what others do and say. I am annoyed that I care that people of faith are represented so badly. I am annoyed that I want to fix others instead of myself.

Choosing to get annoyed at how they live their lives is just as wrong as them living hypocritical lives and not truly embracing their faith.

I am aware that I am a failure.
I am no better than anyone else.
Focusing on their'faults'distracts me from my own.
Being childish and pretending I am superior does me no good.

Humble me Lord.

Teach me to focus on my sins and love others rather than being the judgemental bitch that I have been.

Since today is Sunday we keep holy by participating in Sunday Confessions with the one and only More Than Cheese and Beer (definitely check her out). The theme is aware I find today was quite appropriate to write and share what has been weighing on my mind.


  1. I am a Christian and I try to live that way, but I have seen what you are talking about many, many times. I have a woman on my FB feed who is constantly asking for prayers as a way of gossipping about people: "Please join my in prayer for so-and-so as her husband has left her." It makes me so mad!!

    1. Ohh that would make me hot too Rabia. The fact that it's not sincere just gets under my skin!

      I know we're all just human in the end-but it irritates me that people pretend they are holier than thou and end up being the cruelest.

      But that's okay (not really but really) because their true soul will be shown at one point and who knows their entire story. We just gotta forgive, move on and try to love the ugly outta them.

      If not we can just focus on bettering ourselves❤


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