Comforted by Courage

You can be comfortable or courageous but not both.

That quote pops up every now and then, a reminder than discomfort and pain brings reward and that familiarity will bring us death.  We have heard time and time again that life begins at the end of our comfort zone and I would daresay that is true to an extent.

Life can be downright scary but so damn rewarding when we leave the confines of everything familiar to us. Starting a new journey or attempting to reach a new goal will lead to self-discovery. Yes, you may encounter failure and cruddy life lessons. You may wish you could crawl back into your reassuringly sweet little bubble of comfort. You may want to scream screw it as loudly as possible and turn back. But you don't need to. You've done one of the hardest things already-you started on to a path of a new you.

Of course you will encounter problems. We all do-and thank goodness we do. We grow from them, learn from them, change course, adapt to life until we find what is best for us. We learn more by living and screwing up than all the hours in school could have ever taught us.

But, I digress.

Back to my opening statement, the lie.

You can be comfortable and courageous.

We just do not realize it.

Most times we fear change, we fear new activities, people or events. We shy away trying anything new and hold on to what we are used to and guard ourselves from life using our security blanket of familiarity to protect us.

We can be okay with trying out the new. We do not need to feel awkward or out of place. We need to realize the reason people feel like they belong is because they made themselves comfortable. They choose to relax. They opened themselves up to new opportunities and experiences.

We just need to shake this brainwashing of being in discomfort away. We need to reeducate ourselves. We need to accept change and failure.

It is brave to be comfortable in who we are. It is amazingly outstanding to be comfortable in our skin and with the decisions we make. Granted, it is rare, it is often unheard of, but it is possible and healthy.

We have every right to love who we are-no matter what part of our journey we are on.

Saying hello to a stranger that has caught your eye does not need to be terrifying or daunting. Wearing the sexy dress that accentuates all those curves should not require you to have a complete mental makeover. Standing up for yourself or others should not be earth rattling ground-breaking news.

It can be scary and uncomfortable to try make new choices, to walk a new path, to see a new side of life. It can induce anxiety and fear when things do not go right and we are daunted with the overwhelming unfamiliar territory. But we are strong enough to overcome, to battle the beast fear that sneaks into our souls. Eventually we can,  once we find our stride, be emboldened by our courage to try the unusual, new, exciting and experiment.  And when we find and dance with the courage that brings us to new places of the world and within ourselves, we can find comfort in that, find comfort in self-discovery and self-love. Step by step, each experience, each observation, each time we fail and push fear down so we can try again we are gaining more courage and becoming comfortable while discovering the world around us.

Yes, there will be people who will call you stuck up for liking and loving yourself. There will be people who find you annoying and self-righteous for speaking your mind, for defending your beliefs and faith. People will call you attention seeking for trying new things, being spontaneous and thinking, living and dancing outside that all-constricting, too-small box.

But it does not matter what they think.

It matters what you think and how you feel. If you do something that feels right, that contents and comforts your soul-then you should do it. You should rejoice that you found an activity, a calling, an event, that brings you joy, that brings you contentment in a world where too often times we are struck with fear and lost in the darkness.

Be comfortable trying new things.

Break the flow and do not fear looking foolish, failing, flailing or falling. Yes, sometimes we crash and burn and need to rebuild confidence before trying new things again. But then again, those are often the times we realize we have wings and we can fly and see the most beautiful sights we did not even know existed.

Be comfortable and courageous by going outside your comfort zone. Be courageous to be comfortable with yourself, with your faults and flaws, with your brains and beauty, with this short life. Make that your familiarity. May your comfortableness encourage you and may your courage comfort you in all your decisions.

If nothing else, just remember you can be whatever the hell you want to be no matter what cliched cute quotes may say.

This has been a Sunday Confession about comfort with the one and only Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer. Happy Sunday to you, and please do not shy away from checking out her cheesey goodness on her blog or on the Book of Face.


  1. I think that quote doesn't fully describe what life is fully about. Being comfortable and courageous I think are amazing things to be. Being comfortable in your own skin and courageous enough to try new things is commendable. I find myself battling with both, but if I just realize it doesn't have to be life changing to make a phone call I can then get it done. Thank you for the great thought provoking post on comfort. It definitely had me thinking of my own definition of it. 😊

    1. I think we need to tear apart quotes or beliefs more often than just taking them at face value. There's so many different layers to everything-and not everyone can relate or fit into a cute little quip. It's always good to find our own definitions ❤

  2. What I have found is that the more we are courageous, the more comfortable we become trying those things that require courage.

  3. Wow - if you only knew how this applied to my life right. now.

  4. I can't tell you how much a LOVE this post!!!! It's something that I have to work towards. I WANT to go and try new things, meet new people, expand my world but a big percentage of the time I let anxiety win over.
    Thank you for writing this. THANK YOU!!!!!

    1. You can try all the things! Even forcing yourself to try one new thing a week can introduce you to new hobbies, events, education networks-whatever you want to do.

      You can do it. One small step at a time. Thank you for reading Stacy ❤

  5. I agree with what you said and with what Karen said. I find a comfort in my courageousness that I didn't know was there before. This is such an awesome post, babe!

    1. Thanks Sarah ❤

      It may take a while but we all can work towards building trust in ourselves and find our courage comforting.

  6. Great post and absolutely spot on, the more we push the boundaries the further we realise we can reach.

    1. And eventually if we work hard enough hopefully we can reach our goals ☺

  7. When I started reading I was thinking "wouldn't it be great to feel comfortable about being (more) courageous?"
    You are so right, it won't hurt to try and take a step outside our comfort zone. I sometimes do, but I need to do it more often. It's one of my recurring topics. I should speak up more often or more distinctly.

    1. You have a wonderful, strong voice-I hope you never silence it ❤

  8. I so agree with you. The more I try new things, pushing myself through that initial fear, the more okay I am with the results...good or bad. Life experience has given me that comfort. Oh, a new thing. It's no big deal. My head sometimes wants to throw on the old fear cloak again but I just keep pushing through. There's a certain comfort in pushing yourself to be okay in discomfort. (if that makes any sense at all)

    1. It's hard to get rid of that fear seemingly pops up when we're the coldest and it calls to us with its warm layers.

      And it makes perfect sense ❤


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