National Poetry Month: Day 14

Clothed in the warmth of the sun, lying on the couch, you rest from playing so hard.

You roll, with no prompting, your goofy tongue barely jutting beyond your teeth.

Brown smiling eyes watching me, betting that I will reach over and scratch your belly. Or ears. Or head.

I wonder what you think of, while relaxed, while reclined, I wonder if you wonder about me.

If you wonder where I go all day?

Do you wonder why we wear clothes, why we beg you to stop licking your balls, why we yell and fight over dumb things?

When you have the blissful air of outside supporting your little legs urging us forward on a long walk, are you telling us to find joy on our journey?

When you dance and yip for your snack are you telling us to enjoy our treats?

When you find sick pleasure in smelling and rolling in any and every dead carcass you find, are you trying to tell us to enjoy life because it is too short?

Or are you just living life with  bipedal slaves enjoying the way we cater to your every whim?

I guess it doesn't matter if you miss me in my absence.

It matters that you greet me with sweet sloppy kisses and make me forget that I was even away from you at all.

This was based off a prompt on the NaPoWriMo Facebook site that urged us to write a love poem about what we saw when we looked up from our screen. I saw my pup Rufus, who has brought me extreme joy, love, comfort and always greeted me with acceptance. I never knew my heart would grow so big from loving something so little.


  1. Haha, I wrote mine about my cat. We also have a dog, but she is not like yours. Although, while she does not have balls, she does lick there still. Dogs!


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