Secret Subject Swap: April 3rd, 2015

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Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 15 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

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My secret subject is: What is one piece of advice your parents gave you when you were younger that you ignored and, looking back on it now, wish you had taken.

It was submitted by: Silence of The Mom ~thank you!

"Don't be so serious", my mother said as I sat unamused with the spilt orange juice running all over the table, her smiling eyes glinting at me.

"Don't be so serious", my mother said as she flipped the gruesome news I was addicted to as a child amidst my protests to empty game show to watch.

"Don't be so serious", my mother said to my stone face  while she laughed and gave it her all with physical therapists and visiting nurses when they came to our apartment to help her, bath her, reteach her how to balance, walk and enjoy life again.

Life will, undoubtedly, force serious moments upon you. Moments where you cannot fake a smile, where there is no humor left to find, where happiness and contentment feel so far away.

My mom knew this, all too well. She knew life would not always be kind. She knew bad days would come and that the only way to survive the scary somber storms was to hold onto the memories of peaceful, lighthearted, happy days.

Don't get me wrong, I was an idiot kid enthralled with shiny things. I had happy, good, wonderful moments as a child but I was just hardwired to be serious. My aunt used to say I had an old soul. My mom said I could be a stick in the mud. There were just times, many times, I was serious. I was not amused by slapstick. I just took time to take in the scene, to analyze, history lessons bothered, news intrigued me, injustices were real and I felt it in my bones.

So the chorus of my childhood and teenage years was a plea from my mom not to be so serious.

Sometimes I listened, gave in to that carefree feeling, just enjoyed the day and did not worry, overanalyze or steal away my own joy. But many times, I was serious. I stared as people laughed and goofed around, I worried about bills, money, food and my future. I worked when people were partying. I wrote and read while people played.  I pushed away innocent beautiful moments of peace to work my mind into a frenzy for...nothing.

There have been moments where I have been flabbergasted by moms refusal to be serious. Literally moments after I witnessed two nurses beat life back into my mother's chest with CPR and determination, the first thing she said, gray and ashy once she came to was, "Why do you look so serious? You look like you saw a ghost". She laughed and joked weakly to the shock of the medical team as they rushed her downstairs so they could put in a heart stent. Well, she joked in between of dying and being resuscitated, no joke.

While she recovered, the CNA's, nurses, cardiologists, all made it a point to tell me they have never met a patient quite like her, who could make them laugh, who was so positive who was able to put a smile on their faces.

Just as I was hardwired to be serious she was hardwired to be lighthearted.

I wish I could say we balance each other out. That she takes some of my seriousness while I take a bit of her carefree attitude. But reality is, we are opposites and that is okay.

Not taking life so seriously, laughing at the funny moments, letting go of the bad times, although I may not take it all the time, is the best advice my mom ever gave me.


  1. Your mom is so incredibly awesome. Id have tl agree it is exceptional advice, and with her around, you cant help but take it. I love laughing to the conversational snippets you post as well as your own pervy humor. It's fantastic. I think the pleas for you not to be so serious made you one of the most balanced people I know.

    1. Thanks Jenniy. She is pretty darn awesome and am glad she never minds that I share our stories with people. She finds it crazy that people know and like her from my SPW page.

  2. "Don't be so serious" is a tough thing to do because it's not on purpose that you can't just be careless.
    What I am also hearing between the lines is "be kind to yourself" ❤

    1. She definitely said that a lot too Tamara as I have always been hard on myself. Luckily though, I've always had her love to envelop me and kick some sense into my butt 😉

  3. I totally get you, when you're serious learning to lighten up takes time and energy and the ability to really concentrate on the need to do it. But once you do, life gets so much better. Sounds like you got the perfect mom for you.

  4. I have always been a very serious person until the last 6 months. I have learned to lighten up, not be so serious because life has been cruel and knocked me down more times than I care to count and being serious didn't help me any.I'm still serious but I enjoy life as well, laugh more and cry less. Your mother sounds like a great lady and I'm sure you have tons of stories about her lightheartedness.
    Spatulas On Parade

    1. She is pretty awesome and you're right we have a lot of stories 😉

      I know it's a transition but I'm glad you're enjoying life more and lightening up ❤

  5. My husband is the serious one, while I am more frivolous. IT's taken a while to get used to each other and in all honesty, I think I've given in more than he has. works for us!

    1. Lol, it definitely is an adjustment but we all learn from each other so it's all good in the end ❤

  6. When my mum had her heart attack, my brothers and sisters went to visit her in a hospital 100km away from where she lived. They all went in one by one, and the first thing she said to all of them as they walked in was "aaargh, I'm a zombie." It was her way of making them laugh and letting them know that she was still her. She was fine, and they needed to relax. I'll never forget that as long as I live. Sometimes even in the darkest of times we need a bit of light heartedness to ease the tension.

    1. Humor and a good attitude can get us through moments we originally thought were unbearable.

      My mom shows off her chest scar proudly (from a different heart attack...) and says that's where she stores her booty in a pirate voice...

  7. Your mother sounds amazing! We could all learn something from her. It's so easy tinker the every day stresses get in the way of enjoying life. Love what you did with the prompt!

    1. Thank you.

      She is pretty awesome, definitely why we keep her around 😉

  8. sounds like a wonderful woman and mom. My parents kept telling me I was amazing and will be an amazing adult. I was bullied almost every day, now I realize the power of their words...

  9. Your mom sounds amazing! You are a lucky woman and that is great advice. If only more people could be like that (myself included).


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