Stealing From Yourself

Staring at the reflection in the spotted mirror, she sees a face too fat, too pale, too bumpy. It is not smooth or pretty like the girls she sees on television or magazines.

Picking apart and comparing every feature on her real face to photoshopped perfection, ignoring the beauty that is there is a habit she has fallen prey to daily.

She may know there is an industry built to tear apart imperfections, feed on fears of inadequacy and sell only one version of beauty to the masses. But it does not matter if she knows that or not, it matters if she believes others are better than her simply because they have a golden tan, plump lips, thin thighs or voluptuous breasts.

It matters that she compares herself to others and limits her beauty to what the eyes can see.

We blame feelings of inadequacy on moments being stolen from us. We cry theft that people steal our thunder, steal the stage, that they wear the same thing and look better.

Giving away moments of happiness to compare yourself to an unrealistic standard of perfection is choosing to steal away precious moments of your life.

Giving away your joy and bits of your self esteem is not the same as having it stolen from you.

Depriving the world from real and unique is a crime. It is agreeing that there is only one right way. It is agreeing that beauty can only exist if defined by certain parameters. It is denying yourself contentment when you tear yourself down because you do not fit some ridiculous stereotype of beauty.

Denying yourself the right to be you, denying yourself the opportunity to showcase your talents, skills, fierceness just because you fear someone else does it better is hiding away who you truly are and stealing your own thunder, throwing away your own show, giving up on who you are while hoping perhaps one day you might be like them, when you would be a hell of a better you.

Taking back your right to be yourself, to explore and find your beauty within, is not only liberating, it is not only freeing, it is necessary so you can live your life as you were meant.

This has been a short sweet Sunday Confession with the one and only More Than Cheese And Beer.


  1. So beautifully written Jenn. I loved the passage stealing our thunder, steal our stage and our show. This really spoke to my heart. ❤️

    1. Thanks for reading and feeling the words Jeanine ❤


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