Sunday Confessions: For

We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.

-Orson Welles

For the longest time, the second sentence of the quote above brought me comfort and peace. Comfortable with the fact that we could become lost in the illusion of togetherness made my soul happy. Although I truly believe we are walking each other home, ultimately we are walking our roads alone.

As the years go by, I have found comfort in the fact that we are born alone, we will live alone and we will die alone. That is not a sad existence. It simply means we must take accountability for our life, for our actions, and for our choices. There is no doubt in our lives we will weave intricate webs of love, heartbreak, life, happiness, pain and friendships. We will grow, evolve, backslide and change again. There will be friends and family by our side the entire time some mocking us and others cheering us on. But in the end, the way we live our lives, is up to us.

This life is beautiful and scary and the only one we are given. That is why it is so damn important that we make decisions based on what we want to do. Our decisions should be based on what is best for us. Being earnest and honest in what we want to get out of life is not only healthy for ourselves, but it creates a better existence for those around us. Choosing to put our goals on the table, to expose a bit of our souls, to take a chance and be real lets others know where we stand and allows them to make the decision if they want to be in our lives.

Give every person the opportunity to show you if they are for you or against you by being the one and only you.

At the end of the day, you and you alone are the one who must live with the decisions you have made. The good outcomes, the horrendous results, the surprisingly happy moments, the disastrous let downs, are for you to own and work through. That is not to say that others won't be there to help you, support you or guide you. But, this is your life to live. No one can live your life for you.
So you must choose what is best for you. Even if you fail, even if you fall, it is you choosing your path and learning along the way.

What better way to enjoy life than to create your own destiny by choosing what works for you?

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