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Hello and happy August! I do hope today finds you in good spirits. As you know, the summer heat can easily get to us all so that's why a few of us have gotten together to show you how you can beat the heat this year.

The summertime heat, albeit nice and relaxing, can get to some scorching temperatures. While we know that we should go inside and drink lots of fluids and flip on the air conditioner we need to remember we also are our pets advocates.
Keeping the following tips handy will not only keep your furbabies cool and happy but give you the peace of mind you need during the unbearable heat.

1.)  If you are hot-they are hot. If you are seeking shelter and trying to get out of the heat your pets will should too.

2.) Make sure your pet has enough shade and water. Whenever your pet baby is outside, make sure they have enough fresh, cold water. You can add ice to their water as well. Providing shade can help pets cool off too. If there is not much tree shade in your yard that is okay, you can string up a small tarp to provide some shade for your pet. Tree shade and tarps are great for pets as they provide air flow.

3.) Limit Exercise/Exertion on hot days. On those really hot days, limit exercise to early morning or evening hours. Pavement/asphalt tends to get very hot and can actually burn your pet's paws, so walk your dog on the grass if possible.

4.) Give them cool treats. Freeze low sodium chicken broth in ice cube trays or dole out a small dish of vanilla ice cream for your pets. This is not harmful to them and is a nice treat to keep them cool.

5.) Don't leave them in a hot car. Pets die every year with the windows down because cars turn into furnaces in the heat.

Please check out these other sweet tips my fellow bloggers have for you to keep you the coolest!

The Lieber Family


  1. My kitty is an inside-only cat (much to his chagrin) but he still gets whiny when the house gets hot. He likes to sit under a fan even with the a/c on.

  2. I never considered giving my dogs vanilla ice cream. I think all of them would love it.

  3. Glad you added the part about staying off asphalt. I see people running with their dogs in the heat of the day, and it drives me crazy!

  4. Such good reminders. Our dogs are able to come in when they please, but I often forget and close the kitchen door - so they might be stuck. Also important for those who may not realize to review!

  5. Your first one is just so simple, yet people forget it. They're in air conditioning and forget to just step outside and see how hot it really is in judging what best to do with their pets. Great advice, Jenn.

  6. LOVE the cool treats idea!!!!
    GREAT tips!!! :D

  7. My cat is almost strictly outdoors. He has shade, but I feel like an idiot. I went to school for this shit and I didn't think to leave a water bowl outside for his fat arse! Looks like I'll be doing that immediately... I'll be right back. ;)


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