Secret Subject Swap: August 7th, 2015

Hello and Happy Friday!

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 16 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

My “Secret Subject” is: 

Do you remember a time when you finally mastered a new skill? What was the skill, and how did you feel when you finally perfected it?

It was submitted by: you!            
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A new skill that I have mastered? Oh there are so many.

Like the time I finally mastered my ninja skills...or not falling down drunk, or the time I became a salsa champion or perhaps simply became brave enough to get on the dance floor....oh I know, the time I was competent enough to perform a gymnastic routine in front of all my friends and family or...a few somersaults amidst loved ones.

Skills? Okay, I might not have a ton I have "mastered". I am more of a jill of all trades. I do a little of this a little of that and I am happy with that. There are things I have become weirdly comfortable with over the years, that may not necessarily fall under the category of a 'skill or technique' but I feel have helped me grow as a person and has improved my quality of life.

The most important habit, skill, ability I have become proficient in, is not giving a shit. 

Now, does that mean that I care about nothing? No, definitely not! It simply means I carefully choose what I invest my time and energy into. There are so many things in this world that seemingly exist to drain us of our happiness and peace that there comes a time we must put our foot down and declare, that we will not be treated like shit, we will not take shit, we are the shit and we will not give a shit about those who try to ruin our day.

Life, albeit beautiful and magical, is exhausting. There are personal and public battles we must face, internal turmoils we project onto others to protect our hearts, and the ridiculous tiring notion that we somehow believe that we must prove or defend our actions, our wants, our desires-ourselves-to others. The flaw with that though? The people in our lives who truly love and accept us will love us through our worst times. They may not agree with us, they may not support us, but they'll love us and not demand that we change or alter ourselves. If we truly need help, they'll be by our side. How rare and amazing it is to have those kind of people that we can share our darkness, our problems, our struggles with and still have them by us. 

If you are in a position where you are in a low in life, a muddy spot if you will, and you have people willing to get dirty helping you out of the quagmire you somehow got yourself into-why the hell would you give two shits on what someone on the outside thinks about you or where you are in life?

You should not. 

You should be focusing on the outstretched hand that's been trying to pull you out of the mess you're in, the one that will towel dry you off, the one that's not afraid to shake some sense into yout-that's what matters-not simple peoples quick snap judgments from afar of your life that they know nothing about.

Not giving a shit has helped me become comfortable in who I am. It has helped me embrace my geek, wholeheartedly and unabashedly. It has helped fuel me to pursue what makes my heart happy whether or not anyone else approves. I find nowadays I may read too much, hug really hard, let my nerd and freak flag fly, laugh too loud, sing obnoxiously and atrociously, become attached too soon, cry at the drop of the hat, give you the shirt off my back and probably trust people even after they prove I shouldn't. I don't keep my mouth shut, annoyingly and frequently question anything that peaks my interest, stare at the clouds *maybe* a smidgen too much and skip the how are you formalities in conversations and dive right into the weird science article I just read about.

Worrying or wondering what so and so will say or think about my choices will only hinder me. I may not be able to break dance amazingly or play the violin to nary a dry eye in a packed house, I certainly cannot woodwork to save my life and mechanics is not my thing. But being me? I am finally getting the hang of it. Not...all the time but I'm getting there. Embracing who I am and mastering the skill of not caring about the opinion of others has helped me focus on what would be best for me and my family and it has been the best skill I have ever learned in my life.


  1. That's perfect. You get it.
    The truth is that mothers have been telling kids this for eternity "don't worry about what others think, just be you". But this is one piece of advice we really need to come to on our own.

  2. I love this piece. Really do. It speaks to me experience lately.

  3. You mastered a skill that many people never do.

  4. You mastered a skill that many people never do.

  5. Not giving a shit is a super skill!! Who needs a violin when you can feel good about yourself?
    Great post!

  6. That is also one of the hardest things to learn, so something you should be very proud of. I've only learned to stop giving a shit in the past four years, and it has been the most freeing thing I could have learned. Although awesome ninja skills would be cool too.

  7. I've bookmarked this so I can read it every day.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT...that's the best skill to master. Some people are born with it, others learn it pretty early on, it took me a while to get it...and what a feeling when you do.
    I'm always saying to hubby I'm letting my weirdness and freak flag fly and I don't care who says what.

  9. LOVE IT!!!!
    And this is a skill I need to use more often! LOL I've become a bit rusty over the years.

  10. You and I can not give a shit together. This was beautiful!


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