The Darkness The Liar

This darkness is tricky.

Because it can hide.

Behind a smile, within a laugh, around the deceptive edges of an "I'm fine" it lurks.

This darkness is tricky.

Because it is all consuming.

It suffocates any spark of light, any hint of hope, it races to subdue it, to wrestle it wrongly to the ground, weighing heavily to each atom, dragging every fiber of the being down. Down so deep.

This darkness is tricky.

Because it lies.

It whispers coy and curt words in the middle of the night, it negates any feelings of self-love or appreciation, and it doubts any success and loudly proclaims any future endeavors will be failures with the most convincing and conniving tones.

This darkness is tricky.

Because it makes you think it lasts forever.

It tells you that you cannot fight. That you cannot win. That you will not ever be better.It is bitter and biting. It gleefully rejoices and reminds you that you are nothing more than the sum of your mistakes.
This darkness is tricky.

Because it tries to keep you quiet.

It tries to tell you that no one wants to listen. That no one cares. That no one needs to hear your cries or whines. That your problems are inconsequential. That you are inconsequential That no one will miss you.

But this darkness is only temporary. It may come back. It may want to plague you daily. It might make life harder. But it doesn’t mean that your life is not worthwhile, that it is not worth fighting for. It just means your journey may be a little tougher.

This darkness-it can be destroyed.

With light and love. By admitting you need help. With friends and family. By openness and acceptance .

This darkness, don’t let it win.


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