You Are Not A Low Priority

Not being okay is okay.

Staying that way is not okay.

I invite us all to embrace and acknowledge our feelings. The good, the bad, the iffy, the lovey dovey, the scary, the hard-to-deal-with, and everything-in-between feelings. There is nothing wrong with feeling depressed or low.

It is wrong to accept living in emotional pain or turmoil simply because we do not think we deserve better. We do not need to shelve our souls, wants or desires in hopes that one day it will get better. If we (those of us with low self-esteem or depression or both) would have a loved one of ours who put themselves on the backburner because they felt insignificant or unworthy of being happy or of self-love we would slap the hard truth pf reality into their silly beautiful faces.

We would adamantly list and defend why they were indeed worthy of love and acceptance. We would attempt to love them fiercely. We would push them to seek help.

But for ourselves?

We find it okay to make ourselves the lowest priority possible. Our children, our spouses, our work, our status, our parents, our friends, our finances, our volunteer commitments all come before ourselves. Somehow, we have accepted expecting putting everyone and everything else before ourselves. Especially when we are feeling at our lowest points.

Except the truth is we cannot get out our lowest moments without realizing we have our highest moments in front of us still. The lowest ditches we will dig ourselves into will be the ones we refuse to admit that we can use a hand getting out of. Honestly, though it is simple but equally terrifying, the hand we need most is our own helping us move forward.

Admitting we are worthy of love and worthy of taking time to get out of our low spots is a step in the right direction.

Not being okay is okay.

Staying that way is not okay.

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  1. Oh man, I know someone who really needs to read these words. Cross your fingers that the love in this message will come through!

  2. Your words hit close to home. I tell my kids all the time that there is nothing wrong with needing help. But there is everything wrong with needing help and not accepting it.


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