The Maddening Mask

The gory blood dripping from the eyes,
wooden teeth ominously smiling,
the discontent is no surprise,
anxiety increasing and beguiling.

A disfigured and damaged face,
ghoulish green hairs sticking out,
an alien from outer space,
or a wart and a signature witches' pout.

Any of these can hide our features,
they can alter our perception,  
they can change us to be creatures,
but thats not nearly the most clever deception.

The maddening mask is none of these,
its the one we choose to believe,
the reality to which we tease,
when to lies and falsehoods we cleave.

When we close our minds,
refusing to show others whats on our hearts,
we choose our emotions to be maligned,
and our souls we willingly tear apart.

This sycophantic laughter and pasted on smile,
will obscure our needs and our reality,
and create within us thoughts that are vile,
because as much as we try we cannot live in duality.

The most frightening thing we can ever do,
is pretend to be someone else to appease others,
and live a life that is not true to you,
but it will only create regret, angst and internal shudders.

Living within lies and concealing our feelings,
hiding who we are and putting on a facade,
is the most confining mask that will leave us reeling,
and leave our souls under attack by a barrage.

So to keep your brain sane,
and to nuture your soul,
be yourself to avoid the drama and pain,
and remember who you are-is under your control.

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  1. Oh wow, either you have worked on that for days and days or you are truly gifted. I think it's the latter :-)
    Happy Halloween, Jenn!

  2. A Halloween poem with a moral. Love the poetry and the sentiment, Jenn.

  3. Wow, Jenn. That is amazing! You're so talented. The first part is so creepy!

  4. So awesome. A great message and totally perfect for Halloween with the images!


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