Give In to Yourself

Being altruistic, having unselfish concern and love for everyone and the world around you is noble, it is kind and magnanimous. Being humble and showing selflessness because you have a social conscience is admirable. Giving grace and helping further our society with humility and humanitarianism is honorable.

But it means nothing if you neglect yourself in the process.

You can give the world whatever you can but if you do not give yourself a break and realize it is okay to be human and err you will get nowhere.

You, yes you, matter.

You with your anger and sins matter. You who are too rough on yourself matter. You who can find no redeeming qualities about yourself matter. You who replay your mistakes over and over in your head matter. You who wander and worry matter. You who have no idea who or what you are or are meant for matter.

You would not treat the ones you love with the self-deprecation or disgust as you treat yourself.

There is no doubt you will fail. You will hurt the ones you loved in ways you never thought you could. That promise you said you'd never break? You'll break it. There will be times you will be selfish, you will be mean, you will be caustic and crude but you know what? That doesn't matter. Those moments the worst of you triumphs does not define you.

It does not matter if someone has it worse than you. It does not matter if someone is better than you. Their experiences do not negate yours or strip your emotions of their validity. Your journey and path matters. It is okay to take a breath and be selfish to focus on yourself.

The fact remains you still can choose who you are, what you do, and where you go in this world. Regardless of your past blunders, faults, transgressions, or wrongdoings you can move forward. Just remember to treat yourself with love and kindness and take each day as it comes.

You will be your longest life-long friend and ally-you better start acting like it. Give yourself a damn break you deserve it.

Today's blog was a Sunday Confession hosted by the awesome Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer on the topic of give. If you haven't already checked her out, do yourself a favor and check out her blog.


  1. I hope you realize that you wrote THIS FOR ME! How did you know? Thank you

  2. Something I forget all too often. It's sometimes hard to find the time or the energy to do more than just react. I think we all need to be more thoughtful in how we see ourselves and how we feel about ourselves.


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