A Letter For You-Secret Subject Swap: December 4th, 2015

I'm late I'm late for a very important date—then again….better late than never right??

Sooooo sorry for the delay but warmest welcomes to December's Secret Subject Swap. This week 15 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 
My “Secret Subject” is:

December is National Write a Friend Month.
Is there anyone, living or dead, real or fictional, that would like to write a letter to? What would you say?
It was submitted by: http://thelieberfamily.com  -Thanks Rabia!            

I have many unsent letters written in my head, stacked haphazardly, penned by regret and life's lemons that have washed my eyes clear with their burning acidic juice.
There are many people I would like to write to whose eyes have now laid rest upon their heaven or nirvana, whose souls have stopped aching in this physical world and have hopefully found the contentment that escaped them in this world.  There are some who I no longer speak to that I would like to write in big, black, bold, block letters, 2 specific words that I don’t even need to type out but you know what I mean. And there are some…who I have just drifted away from as we all do from time to time-no ill-will harbored…just life got in the way as it likes to do.

I would write to my friends who drop me postcards randomly from fun places where they travel around the world-and whose addresses I do not have because they are out living the fun life of adventuring-and just let them know I am so happy they are following their dreams and discovering the world that so few actually see.
But today, today I write to you. I write to myself too. I write for everyone's eyes words that they need to see.

              Hey you,
I see you, unsure of yourself and life, unsure of the path or plan you want to follow, doubting your destiny, dreams and desires.  No worries, I see that other side too. That side that says you cannot change, you cannot make a difference, so you might as well keep plugging along and do the best you can.
Do not buy the bullshit.
You are smarter than that. You know better.  
You, my dear, matter.
You matter to this world. What you do matters, what you say matters, what you believe and put into the universe matters. Don’t sell yourself short and think that you have no impact on this big, weird, chaotic, spinning world in this dark, vast universe. More importantly, you matter-to yourself too.
Treat yourself with love and compassion. You are allowed to make mistakes and make a fool out of yourself. You are allowed to be emotional. You are allowed not know the right answer. You are allowed to fail. And you are allowed to love yourself through it all.
You are allowed to be exactly who you are. Do what you want. Say what you want. Dream what you want. There is no hindrance in this world but you and the bullshit lines that we have chewed and swallowed for too long even though it never gave us any sustenance.
The only thing you need to partake in as if it was the holiest communion is self-love and self-acceptance.
Will that solve all your problems? Will it erase pain and hatred in your heart? Will it move mountains and get to you exactly where you need to be?
But it’s a start.
It’s a start to a revolution that you deserve to belong to. A revolution where you can love yourself flagrantly and honestly, aware of your faults and flaws, where you can move forward and refuse to focus on the past, where you be raw and open and grow, awkwardly and weirdly, yes, but nonetheless beautifully into that soul that is thirsting for acknowledgment.
A revolution, where you can finally be who you are and not give a damn what anyone thinks of you except yourself.
Love always,
Your friend Jenn
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  1. That letter should be printed and framed in everyone's home.

  2. That is the letter of all letters! Thank you for putting it out there for everyone :-)

    PS: I'm glad you didn't leave this assignment at "fy" ;-)

  3. What a perfect letter and great idea -- Awesome take on the prompt

  4. What a perfect letter and great idea -- Awesome take on the prompt

  5. I have to second Carol! Terrific job, very inspiring.

  6. Awww. I'd definitely be writing you a thank you letter!!! Such a wonderful post. Beautiful. You rock my socks, Lady!

  7. Love it, Jenn! Well said. I know lots of people who need to read this letter.

  8. Awww. I'd definitely be writing you a thank you letter!!! Such a wonderful post. Beautiful. You rock my socks, Lady!

  9. I REALLY REALLY wish someone had of written me that letter years ago.

  10. I'm with Karen and Carol - couldn't say it any better than that.

    Heart you so much, Jenn!!


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