Sunday Confessions: Dig

Never be afraid to dig your heels in for what you want. Stand firm and refuse to back down. Sink your teeth into the best part and enjoy the victory juices that dribble down your chin.

But what if we are just holding on because we are afraid to let go?
We have always been taught to fight what we need, what we want, what we desire. We have been inundated over and over again by the movies with the anticlimactic endings where two star crossed lovers finally run into each other's arms finally fulfilling their desires and destiny. We are told to never stop dreaming and to always believe in whatever we want because we can achieve whatever our little hearts desire. We are told to reach for the moon and even if we do not reach it that’s okay because we will land among the stars.
But that’s not okay.
Stars are hot.
They are gaseous, balls of angry heat that can get up to 100,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Why would we ever want to land among them?
Sometimes, we are encouraged to do whatever we want that we do not even think if it is what we should be doing. We can get caught up in routine that we do not stop to evaluate if the habits we are desperately clinging to are something that serves our hearts and souls. We just hold on, regardless of the rope burn we get from trying to stay grounded, from trying to dig in, trying to hold steadfast to our initial hopes and desires.
It can get scary abandoning all we have ever known. It can be downright frightening to give up what we thought we wanted and take a chance on what could be good for us. To gamble on what might make us happy is a bet many refuse to make. Because it is easier to know what we know and not risk the unknown.
But what if changing things up is a new shot at happiness? What if choosing to stray from the course we have always taken is something that brightens our days like nothing ever has? What would happen if we admitted that not meeting a predetermined goal is okay and that we can move on to new adventures and new ways to challenge ourselves…and then find our true selves?  
If you want to stick to clich├ęd memes and quotes that is your prerogative. If that is what truly makes you happy that is all what matters.  However, if you are chasing after the same ideals and goals you always have just because it has become something you have always done, perhaps, it is time to reevaluate why you are so insistent on meeting those objectives.
Never be afraid to admit that your desires change. Never be afraid to change your goals. Never be afraid to let go and move on to something new.
This has been a Sunday Confession with the one, the only, the magnificent Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer. Please stop by her blog check her out and link up if you have a confession on "Dig".


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