Secret Subject Swap: August 5th, 2016

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 13 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 
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***MySecret Subjectis:***
Describe a favorite place you had as a child. What made it so special?
After a few shitty weeks, thinking of my favorite place as a child left me more emotional than the first time my eyes had read the prompt.
Reading the prompt again, made me long for simpler days when my biggest concerns were passing a test or cleaning my room. These days seem to drag by and are heavy hearted due to….allthethings.
Favorite place?
There was never just one.
Hanging with my mom on a Saturday night watching Tales from the Crypt eating our trio of olives, cheese and pickles with my cousin was amazing.
Walking into the massive church where I served as an altar girl, prayed the rosary, and spent many days there debating what I wanted to be when I grew up always left me with peace and familiarity.
Spending summer days floating around in my cousin's pool letting the sun kiss my skin while we made memories talking about boys, school and our funny family made me feel home.
That’s what it all boiled down to in the end.
Feeling at home.
Not feeling confused, overwhelmed, lacking,  like these recent days tend to be…but feeling wanted. Feeling loved, feeling at home while eating cheese and watching scary stories, talking and laughing with family, feeling content lighting candles, just being allowed to be myself and being welcome.
My favorite place was feeling loved and at home.
Currently, that is my goal. To feel at home not only in places I visit, volunteer, work or frequent but in my own skin. Until then, I will continue this awkward  dance of pretending I am a functioning adult and muddle through this life until I find that happiness that calls me home to myself.
What about you? What was your favorite place as a child….and what is your favorite place now?


  1. Here's to your finding your place of feeling loved and at home!
    My favourite as a kid probably was at the IKEA ball pit, and as for now I put together a list of my top ten happy places just recently:

  2. First of all, Jenn, I think you are an amazing adult. You are kind and thoughtful and loving and fun and interesting.
    Second, I have spent these past 2 weeks at home with my mom and I know just what you're saying. I'm going back to my family tomorrow feeling like I've hit the "reset" button.

  3. I think as a kid I would have to say when we would go spend a week at the lake on the houseboat. My father worked all of the time except those two weeks a year and it was so awesome having him to ourselves for just a little bit. He died of a massive heart attack when I was 15.

  4. So sorry to dredge up so much emotion! I agree that home is not a physical place but an emotional one. I think we all go through periods of confusion and being overwhelmed. I hope you find your happy place again soon.

  5. I'm glad your childhood "home" was filled with love and brings you good memories. You're an amazing person and I hope you find your happy home feelings each and every day forward.

  6. We had a "bonus room" above the garage with pull down steps. It was hot as Hades up there (no a/c, in Texas) but it was all ours. We had a TV with three channels and all kinds of toys. We could make as much of a mess as we wanted because my parents rarely came up there. I loved that room!

  7. Books were and continue to be my favorite places to be. I don't know where I would be as an adult without that ability to escape this reality for a little while especially on the days I feel so utterly unable to feel home in my own skin.

  8. I completely understand, your feeling of "place". I'll be praying it all gets better.
    My real answer... My books were my happy place.
    My more literal answer... Either when we were visiting my cousins, or when I was able to spend time with my bestie. Anything that meant I wasn't alone with my dad.

  9. My favorite place to be has always been the same -- close to my family. Can't wait to move, hopefully soon, to be closer to my daughter and her family. Because we were such a close family, when my son and his family walked out of our lives 4 years ago, both my daughter and I almost died of a broken heart and it takes a long time to heal. My only hope is that one day we will be a family again.


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