Use Your Words: Friday, January 13th, 2017

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I’m using:   Suspicious ~ don’t ask me why ~ teddy bear ~ suede ~ jailhouse ~ always on my mind      
They were submitted by:    The amazing Tamara from Confessions of a part time working mom!
"Maybe I didn't love you, quite as often as I could have...and maybe I didn't treat you..
quite as good as I should have...",
Willie Nelson gently crooned from the beaten and battered radio that always stayed in the bathroom. Talia froze, with the curling iron poised ready to attack her limp locks, as the words chilled her soul. Immediately, it took her back to him, to them. To their unholy union.
Had it really been 2 years?
Months had passed without even thinking of him. At first, she was not sure how she would survive the night without him certain she could not make it on her own. She was so used to him berating her and beating her down any time she simply raised an eyebrow she had no confidence and positive that she could only exude negativity and fail in this world. She was wrong.
"You were always on my mind....You were always on my mind...", spilled from those trusty radio speakers and she moved quickly to change the station. She still couldn't listen to that song.  
His face appeared, even though she wished it wouldn't. She could see his strong jawline, the small scar over his left eye and his rough tan skin and his suede jacket perfectly in her mind's eye. She did not know where he was but hoped that one day he would serve his penance; either in a jailhouse or hell.

Besides the tiny teddy bear he had won for her at a county fair he had given her nothing but heartache and scars. Oddly enough, his loner status and intense dark brooding moods did not scare her off. She thought he just needed love. She didn't realize that he was the antithesis to love.

She spent six years under his thumb. Criticized for her weight, her actions, her words. He told her constantly how no one would ever love and accept her like he did. She slowly stopped hanging out with her friends and never had a family unit to begin with so they never noticed she wasn't around. His fists would punctuate his words. Dotting her eyes after spreading her thighs, giving her pleasure only to imprint the pain deeper. She thought, after a while, it was her. 

She was disgusting.  She was wrong. Why else would he treat her this way? She was *lucky* he stayed with her. 

Her opinions dissolved to mere nods of agreement to whatever he said, her confidence crawled away and she found herself doubting her most simple actions. She simply wanted to be the best she could be for him.

But, she was never enough. 

2 years ago in February,  she finally realized that it was never her. It was him. And, she found the little courage she had left to sneak away while he was at work and never look back.

She hadn't truly thought of him in a long time. Don't ask me why....but music transcends all.  And those lyrics which he used to croon after a six pack just attacked her soul with memories she tried to forget.


She was good.

She shook it off. She kept curling her hair and looked in the mirror to see a new face stare back at her. One full of hope and resolve.  One who left when she didn't think she'd be able to exist without him. A beautiful face that persevered and survived.

A face that was ready to face a new day and a brighter future, without him, or anyone else that dared to bring her down. 

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  1. Oh my word! This is horrifying, strengthening and liberating in one short story. Spectacularly well done!

  2. oh wow, so scary and powerful all in one. Love it. beautiful use of words.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. This would have been just a story about hope to me before I realized that I have friends who have been through this. I am in awe of this level of bravery. So glad your words inspired you to write this piece, Jenn.

  5. What a powerful piece and how wonderfully full of hope it is. I love this.

  6. So glad your character set herself free!
    Sorry to bring back those memories back with my words. It was Elvis' birthday last week.


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