Secret Subject Swap: February 3rd, 2017

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

My Secret Subject:   You go to the grocery store and as you are doing your shopping you happen to look down and find $1000 laying on the ground. What do you do with it?

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 At one point in my life, when things were black and white, I would have immediately answered this prompt with taking the unexpected grand finding  (see what I did there...yes...I know...Im punny) to the customer service desk and being on my way. That, however, is before the  greys started shading my life in such a dramatic fashion.

I would be angry.

Honestly, I probably wouldn't even touch it. I would see a lump of money someone carelessly lost and think of all the bills I could pay with it. All the medical bills I could *maybe* catch up on for the month. I would be angry looking at the stack of cash I could not use.  I would be angry because I know how much a thousand dollars is...and at the same time know just how little it is and how far it doesn't stretch.


I would not want to get involved with the hubaloo of turning the green papers into the management and worrying if it  would make it's way back to it's rightful owners.  I would not have time to deal with it. If I was in the grocery store in the first place I would be there after work or in between appointments and meetings. I would be concentrating on labels and trying to remember what mom might choke down this week with much persuasion and cajoling since her appetite has been gone and not welcome any distractions.

I would be tired and torn.

I would want to take it and hope no one would see my desperation and overwhelming guilt as I furtively glanced back and forth.  I would have a long drawn out ethical debate on taking the cool cash.  I would ponder if I was *meant* to have it then remember how quickly I dismiss astrology and horoscopes and know I was simply trying to justify shitty actions.

So...what would I do?

Probably, at this point? Nothing. I would notice it, sigh, and continue scanning labels for no to low sodium and wonder what appointment or meeting I was running late for and remind myself to stop in the wine aisle for a nice Riesling...because damn it...self care is important too....

(I know...this isn't a fun cute post...and I do apologize.  But sometimes, you just gotta be real and let the mind journal and get thoughts out. Thanks for sticking with me as my mind went on its pessimistic little jaunt today. )

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  1. I'd probably ignore it too. Who needs that kind of pressure. I'd probably be pissed, like who drops that kind of money and doesn't notice! I'm getting outraged just thinking about it.

  2. Haha! I didn't mean to cause an uproar. I actually did find money in the grocery store once under the potatoes. It was $100 and I picked it up. No shame here. It was there, nobody else was, so it became mine!

  3. I once found a small wallet/purse in a cart with a considerable amount (though much less than 1000) and a paper with a name on it. My daughter was with me and we went to customer service and had them look up and call the person (I wasn't turning it over to them). It turned out to belong to an elderly woman who had not yet noticed it was missing. She came to claim it and it was obvious it was all she had at that point. Not sure what I would do about cash just sitting on the ground though.

  4. Don't ever apologize for being real. The easy answer is not always the thoughtful one, and I appreciate the thought and honesty that went into your answer.

  5. My son once found $100 in the parking lot of a music festival after dark (He was 7 at the time). I had no idea what to do because I was pretty sure it could be a learning experience for him, but also pretty sure that no one would ever claim that money. As luck turned out, we knew some of the people in charge and Henry turned in the money and we found out later that someone had actually picked it up. If the kids hadn't been around, we probably would have pocketed it or donated it to our church.

  6. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Don't apologize for your feelings. You are carrying a load few can and you do it with style, grace and humor. It's not an easy road for you, you're allowed.


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