Sunday Confessions: Center

Writing, amidst the rest of its magical qualities, has the gift of letting people tap into their emotions as well as write them away when they are overwhelming. It is an art to say the least but also a need.

It has become such an intricate and intimate way to communicate with one another. Rarely do we pick up the phone to talk but rather we send a text and in seconds it is delivered. Those words on a screen can make or destroy a human being. 

Think I am being dramatic? 

Have you ever been desperate to hear from someone that you check your phone repeatedly, check their social media to see if they are still posting, check every way they have ever communicated with you...just to make sure that you were not missing something? When in  fact, you were just missing them. Because even though words can be powerful, the absence of them can be immensely shattering. 

When we become so elated or destroyed when someone reaches out to us or stops, it is because we have given them power over our hearts. I am not saying that in a negative way in the least. Giving of our hearts is one of the most beautiful acts we can ever do. Knowing there is pain running rampant in this world and trusting another being with our vulnerability and choosing to believe in love is incredibly brave. 

That being said, we often forget that we have control of ourselves, and that we reserve the right to be choosy about who we give our hearts to. Just because you are shown love does not mean you must reciprocate it. Also, just because you had a good relationship in the past does not mean you must return to it when in the end it brought you misery. 

From the beginning of time, it has been said we are born alone and we die alone because, we do. There is no getting around that. Yes, we live and love and encounter every kind of person in between but in the end we have to watch our own backs by admitting that we are the center of our own universe. Watching out for yourself should be of the utmost importance. You do not have to cater to anyone else's emotions but your own.

We control who we let in our lives and who we keep out.

It is good to remember that we write our own stories. Never be afraid to edit. And then edit again. Brainstorm some more and when the time  comes you realize that you have grown  evaluate who is going to make your story a good one. Realize who the villains are...and be honest and recognize if you yourself are self-sabotaging and being villainous. Just, do not be afraid to change the plot and start from scratch when needed. 

If you feel you need to disconnect, that you need to say goodbye, that you need to delete someone from your social media, your phone, your life-trust that instinct. You do not have to feel uncomfortable to please others. 

You may not be the center of *the* universe but darling, you are the center of your own. Do not let anyone else convince you otherwise...they will understand, once they are done becoming. 

Hot damn! Sunday Confessions are back-even if only for today-and I will gladly take it. Today's prompt was "Center" provided by the one, the only, the amazing Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer. If you would like to link up with a piece of your own, please do so here.


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