Sunday Confessions: Shift

Shit happens.

And, therefore a shift needs to happen.

Life, no matter how much we love it and enjoy it, will disappoint us. Our hearts will be broken, our favorite show will be canceled, we will not get the job we wanted, our laundry will be dyed an ungodly red from a stray towel we forgot about, we will make mistakes and lose friends. On a heavier note...we will fall into a deep depression or be riddled with anxiety, we will not trust ourselves and miss out on amazing opportunities or we will lose those we love and encounter a pain that should be reserved for only the cruelest souls. Our lives tends to be full of little surprises we weren't counting on dealing with...but here we are, navigating and needing to retrace our steps and relearn this dance of life. 

There is no way we will always get what we want or need. Even when we have all our ducks in a row, sometimes a semi comes barreling down the road and smashes them to smithereens.

There will be days where nothing will go right except the literal definition of Murphy's Law replayed over and over in your life.

But, how we react? That is up to us.

Choosing to accept the crappiness is the first step to a better life. The second, and more important, is choosing to shift gears and figure out how to keep going, 

How badly do I want to say it is easy. I wish I could say that it feels good instantly to pinpoint a problem in your life then work on the issue. But,  in my experience I've learned, it sucks. And, it hurts. The hurt gets deep in the soul and twists our guts while our mind tries to process what to do. 

Fear can grip us and cause us to stay still. It will sing like the siren it is to our tired senses trying to convince them that there is no use trying something new. Fear will sing a hypnotizing stressful sad hymn encouraging us to continue just as we always have since we have sustained thus far. 

Problem with that is, we are sick to death of that song which has replayed over and over for far too long. We spit the lyrics out disdainfully because there is no sweetness to their words anymore. These bones beg to dance to a new tune. Our bodies may be tired and feeling dejected but they are ready to dust themselves off and learn new steps so we can confidently strut down the street like we should. 

There is too much life to live to let it be dictated by the things that have gone wrong, that can go wrong and might go wrong. 

Changing gears when you are so used to reacting a certain way is hard.  Figuring out a problem that is destructive to your life-whether on a minor or major scale is a bummer. Figuring out the underlying causes (whether for a superficial problem or a deep seeded issue), learning healthy coping mechanisms, and what works and doesn't, will only set you on the right path to a healthier you...and will get easier as you continue to work on it. 

When the shit hits the fan, you can choose to sit there in the disgusting downpour and wallow in your stench. Or, you can choose to stand up, clean yourself off and try something new that may work better for you. 

But the choice, is always up to you. 

Today's piece was part of Sunday Confessions hosted by the funny and sweet-hearted Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer. 

As always, I wish you love and peace. And I ask you that if your soul isn't content that you challenge yourself to find the source. Then tackle it. You have the strength in you to be honest with yourself and persevere. It may not be instantaneous satiation, but every goal is achieved the same way everything else is-one step at a time. 


  1. Sometimes when I write SC, I have 5 different directions I want to go in. I love it when we go in the same direction, I love it more when you "cover" it from another angle because you do it so well. Thank you!


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