Sunday Confessions: Rash

Judgy people get under my skin like the worst rash possible.

I'm not talking about the people who genuinely offer advice out of the kindness of their heart even if it's slightly misguided by love and concern. Nor do I mean those who try to discern a tricky situation and weigh and measure the pros and cons of the options.

The judgy ones who irritate my nerves like psoriasis mixed with poison ivy on fire are the ones who simply discriminate because they can.

These judgers look no deeper than surface level and believe their way is the only way, then condemn those who live life differently.  They don't like that some women are stay-at-home mom's and call them lazy. They don't like when men show their emotions and call them weak. They don't like that fat women wear cute clothes and call them gross. They don't like those who speak their mind and call them pot-stirrers. They dont like those who are quiet and call them feeble minded. They don't like political people and say they are 'too worked up' about events. They don't like those who seek therapy and call them crazy and attention seeking. They don't like those who go the holistic route and call them stupid. They don't like those who have faith and call them naive.

These judgers? They will condemn, be  rude, tell you the best way to do things and wait for you to heed their advice.

And, you know when you should take their advice?


You will never please everyone.

The only thing you can do is work on making yourself happy. And once you arrive to that state of happiness, you will forget those people who have an opinion on everything because you know what you're doing is working-because your heart is happy and content.

Today's piece was part of Sunday Confessions hosted by the talented, hilarious and heartfelt Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer.  Sunday Confessions are welcome to anyone to join in so if you would like to link up, please do so here.

As always, love and light to you all. Remember, you can't choose your emotions but only you can choose how you react. But, if your reaction wasn't can do what time does and keep moving forward my friends.


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