Sunday Confession: News

A police knock on the door too early in the morning, a doctor with a  devastating diagnosis, a phone call explaining somehow someone drained all your savings....

Every damn day, there are people who have horrible news broken to them. There is no rhyme nor reason or a way to tell who will experience something heartbreaking or earth shattering.

Life will never be fair. There is no way around that.

But the way we treat and love one another is in our control.

I could go on and on like I typically and artfully do, but tonite, I'm keeping it succinct and sweet.

Life can be cruel, sucky, and just downright mean at times. Be kind and bring light whenever you can.

Today's piece was part of Sunday Confessions hosted by the talented, intelligent, auntie to some crazy kiddos, Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer.  Sunday Confessions are welcome to anyone to join in so if you would like to link up, please go to her blog and do so!


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