Sunday Confession: Sugar

Sugar was never really my downfall. When I wanted to splurge or eat my feelings away I chose something salty or carby, or salty and carby.

Since I have had the gastric sleeve surgery I have found that I haven't had any sugary cravings. Honestly, I have not had any cravings. I am struggling to eat. My appetite has diminished substainally to the point where I have to remind myself to eat with alarms. It is one of the oddest feelings in the world. I literally would think of what I was going to have for lunch while eating breakfast or think about heating up leftovers while I was still eating dinner. Instead of enjoying the now, I was focused on what I could enjoy in the future.

Hindsight is 20/20, so no suprise when I look back I find that I have done that with multiple areas of life. I chose to look forward to possible better times in the future rather than getting the most out of what I was presently doing.

Really, what kind of life was that?

Rushing to swallow my food just so I could get a taste of the next meal, didn't assure me the next food would be delectable, it just increased my chances of choking.

I think we all get there in life.

We chew faster, not savoring or appreciating the sustenance our meal is providing us and just hope the next menu we pick from gives us just a little more.

A little more what though?

That's the thing, our eyes have become too big for our stomachs....or too big for our souls really. We are looking to be satiated by the future instead of learning and absorbing what we can in the now.

I am still learning, relearning, how to eat. I am learning how to chew so I can taste my food. I am learning how to enjoy the presentation and appreciate the work that went into the preparation of what lies before me. I am learning to accept I don't have to like what I encounter but I can learn from it and move on. I am learning my limits and myself.

It is said over and over...but because it is true, tomorrow is promised to nobody. So why should we bank on enjoying our next meal when we do not even know if we will get to sit down at the table for it?

Today's piece was part of Sunday Confessions hosted by the funny, quirky, loveable Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer.  Please know, I'm on the road today and for some reason my spellcheck is MIA so if you find a spelling/grammatical error...go ahead and be a dick about it so I'm aware of it-thank you. Sunday Confessions are welcome to anyone to join in so if you would like to link up, please go to her blog and do so!


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