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A Jumbled Up Mix of Thoughts on This Past Year or the Tried & True New Year's Letter

As 2017 comes to a close I find myself reflecting on the events of this past year and would hedge a bet…that you are too. There is something about finality that allows us the gift of contemplation. We can process, brood, celebrate, cry, or even laugh over memories and events that have occurred.
We all have experienced different things this past year. Wonderful events, heart-shattering moments, love has touched us in ways we never thought possible renewing our faith in our fellow man, pain has ripped breath from our lungs making us wonder if we would ever be able to breathe again without crying, we have been left scratching our heads at the actions of others and laughed until our faces hurt because of the good people who bring merriment to our lives.
For me, to say this year was a roller coaster is an understatement but probably the closest I can get to describing it accurately.
When people say, "Pick one word to describe…<whatever>", I find that utterly frustrating. On…

Endings, The New Beginnings

The finales don’t always have fireworks,
but they do have the ashes that saturate the ground.
Ashes that look like nothing but dust.
But from dust to dust is life…or so it is said.
I keep hearing 'May the bridges we burn light the way"
A colloquial mishap that makes me smile,
because there is truth in it more than we know.
The endings we have feared, the bridges we have burned,

do light the way for us to move forward into our future. 
Those embers that swirl and the sparks that dance, 
twirl and head for a new destination to cool down, to 
plant themselves, to nourish new ground. 
The endings, can be abrupt.
The endings, can hurt.
The endings, can leave us confused.
But the endings, don't have to be the end. 
Endings, can be the new beginnings, albeit scary
if we let them. 
If we take a moment to pause, 
if we take a moment to reflect, 
if we take a moment to realize....
there is nothing we can do to stop the endings from coming. 
Then we can move forward when we are…