April's Monthly Writing Challenge: Wildly Cautious

Many nights I've walked on my wild side
with no regards to safety.

I've kissed the stars while balancing on the moon,
jumped into love wholly while the other person simply twiddled their thumbs,
gifted bits of my bright spirit away to lost souls hoping it would help them find their way home,
hiked alone at dusk while slipping and sliding down icy paths,
chased adventure at the witching hour on random road trips with only wanderlust as GPS,
and dove into Lake Michigan in the middle of winter, willingly and sober.

Maybe that wasn't wild though.
Maybe that was just trying to feel alive.

Because, really, the most wild thing I've chose to do,
 is continue living when I wanted to die.

There's nothing more crazy than to hold on
when every inch of your being is begging you to let go.

The darkness can be comforting and inviting, 
when reality is frigid and blindingly harsh.

But the thing is, not all days are easy. 
Heh, better way to look at it is, not all days are hard.

Not all days will leave you drained,
Not all days will leave you anxious ,
Not all days will leave you questioning your existence.

It will get better.

It may not feel like the sun will ever shine on your face again,
The cold may permeate your soul, 
And every day may seem like a forever you have to battle.

But, wars don't last forever. 
Cold will come but so will warmth. 
And, the sun will rise again. 

These things don't depend on our feelings or our journeys. 

They don't care how mild or wild we are. 
Their existence doesn't care how sad or excited we are. 

They just exist. 

Like we should.

Whether we walk around wild or meek and mild,
Whether we greet the day enthusiastically, or barely manage a salutation sarcastically, 
Whether we are crazy or cautious, quiet or obnoxious,
It's okay to believe in the better.

Even if you can't feel there is a better, you just have to believe to get to the next day....until a day shows you there is better waiting for you.

Because, it is.

You just have to get there.

7 bloggers decided to challenge themselves and tackle the theme "Walk On Your Wild Side" for this April-which also happens to be National Poetry Month. Please check out how they crafted their words into the art that is known as poetry:
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  1. Oh wow. This is especially raw and honest, and I love it!

  2. This piece actually gave me goose bumps. I can feel the despair and I can feel the hope and I love how you left me knowing that hope wins.

  3. Oh. My. Word! This is the most insightful thing I've ever read!
    Everyone needs to read this! Sharing . . .

  4. Been there, I get it. Just hold on until another day arrives. Thanks for sharing.


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