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Brain Dump: I Don't Want To Be A Christian

While wheeling a patient into a building, I asked them to hold the door as the button that opened the entrance had a habit of sticking and not opening each time. The person looked back at me, at my patient, shrugged, then waltzed in without holding the door. Which, is their right. We can do whatever we want in this world. But it doesn't mean we are free from the consequences of our actions. This was a very slight inconvenience but a few weeks is still fresh in mind.

"Well, that wasn't very Christian of them", my patient said with humor invading her voice and we both burst out laughing. 
Then I realized, the person in front of us was with the Christian retreat that was staying at the same resort we were. The ones who were proudly wearing name tags stating which church they were with...
I know, I know...I don't know their reasoning for why they couldn't wait the 30 second and hold the door for us but it still irritated me. It truly rubbed my soul raw…