Secret Subject Swap: November 9th, 2018

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 9 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

My “Secret Subject” is: You're out hiking in a local forest when you stumble upon a village of small creatures. What happens?

It was submitted by:  thank you Jenniy! 

Here's the thing with me hiking, I would most literally stumble upon a village. No matter the miles I have put on the trail once in a while my sure footing is not so sure and betrays me and I end up bruised in all the oddest places as my body meets the ground at a quicker pace than I ever intended...

It felt like I was in dream when my face collided with the earth, yet....once again, and I cursed myself wondering what was going to be bruised on my body this time. I was not exactly sure what I even tripped over, there was no exposed roots, my boots were tied, there were no huge divots in the earth...I was perplexed. Then confused, then I was wondering if I accidentally dropped acid as I spotted out of the corner of my eye the tiniest gold and green car almost like a matchbox overturned on its side. 

The ground was cold and reminding me that I was very much awake and not dreaming as I heard the faintest of curses strung together asking for help. I looked around and realized that they were indeed coming from the tiny overturned car...that I must have tripped on. I sat up and scooted by it and gently tipped the car right side up when I heard all the noises stop. I put the car in my hand to my surprise and saw the cutest creature in what would be the driver's seat. The little guy was a light purple, squishy and almost like a salamander in appearance with a more gaunt appearance. 

As I practice Leave No Trace, I picked up the car and thought my niece and nephew would love to play with this cool toy. I figured I would just throw it in my pack but instantly froze when I heard clear and concise, "Listen lady, you need to put me down I have a date with a dame who makes Mae West look like a saint so if you don't mind I need to be on my way". I froze momentarily, wondering again if I had dropped acid or hit my head harder than I originally thought. 

I slowly brought the car to my face and there I was locking eyes with this tiny reptile like guy and he began to honk his horn, "Put me DOWN I have places to be, also, have you ever heard of exfoliating lady? You got some dry skin!"

Immediately my hand flew up to my nose and he was definitely right I knew I had to rethink my skin care regiment, soap and water alone is not my friend. But dang, new salamander friend, why you gotta call me out like this?

"Hey, lady, c'monnnn I need to get going and can't with you gawking at me", he bellowed out. 

Still in shock I set him down and watched as his little car zoomed in and out of the grass...normally I would never go off trail but I knew my curiosity would never be I did what I would not normally do and jogged after him. He weaved in and out of the dune grass which made it easy to follow him as they waved back and forth when he drove his path. I almost lost him when he went through a narrow passage of roots but was able to climb over a fallen tree where I would have never explored and to my delight I found an entire tiny village with these creatures doodle bopping around. 

"Oh Great another lookie loo", I heard to my left. 

"Why do these giants keep coming to gawk?", I heard to my left.

"Doesn't she know what a loofah is?", I heard muttered.  

My guy got out of his car with the tiniest bouquet and started towards a tiny house and looked up at me. "I'm sorry love, you're not my type I got places to be, why are you stalking us?"

I had realized that I hadn't said anything this entire time.

"I'm sorry...I just have never seen anything like you before and was curious", I stammered out. 

A bunch of the creatures gathered together and looked up at me one at a time they began talking. 

"We are not an oddity to be gawked at, we are beings trying to exist in peace and go about our daily lives, why did you have to stop what you were doing to come see what we were doing? That makes no sense. We don't owe you an explanation of who we are or what we are doing we have a right to simply exist and enjoy our days". 

And, they were absolutely right. Why did I have a right to inquire what they were doing, who they were, or anything....I didn't. No one does. 

So I apologized and bid them a good day to which I heard a lot of good byes, good riddance's, and one bellow of 'get some lotion scaly face'. 

I headed back to the main trail and reflected on the weird whirlwind that just occurred. Pondering why some people find it necessary to have to know everything or think they have the right to be privileged of other people's plans or think they deserve an explanation while others are simply trying to go about their lives. They don't. It is a blatant abuse of power or position to think that we owed explanations of someone or something living their lives. 

The sound of my boots hitting the dirt brought me back to my car and I realized that I just needed to focus on my own life and my own pursuits and nothing else. What others do is their business, in the exception if they are causing harms to others, but live and let live. And, I made the decision to stop and grab some lotion because these upcoming wintery days are not going to help this dry skin on my face.....

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  1. Although I completely agree that they owed you no explanation, you did upright his car (granted, after it was probably you who knocked it over), he could have at least been grateful. And polite. I've seen pictures, you're beautiful just the way you are!

  2. Welcome back, Jenn, you have been missed!
    What a story! I hope Salamander Guy's date went well, and as for you: have you heard of matcha skin care? Very moisturizing!

  3. Well you may have knocked him over, but you set him up, then he was just rude. Making comments on your appearance. He had no right. Next time leave him upside down. LOL

  4. Welcome back! I loved this story! What a great prompt and you did a terrific job! I hope your holidays are fantastic.

  5. OH MAN i loved his attitude! This was great!


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