Hiking To Happiness? Nah, Just Finding My Own Trail

2 years ago today, I hiked my last mile to total 100 miles in 2016 at Hoffmaster. It was a rotten year, I was at my highest weight over 450 pounds, I was healing from a lot of emotional wounds yet...I met a goal that I didn't think I could. It was a struggle, I fought with myself a lot but...kept going, one step at a time.
That's all it took, one step at a time lead me to meeting my goal. 👣👐
Hiking gives me time to think, to pray, to reflect, to be me...all while blazing my own trail. It doesn't matter how fast I go, how far I go....I've learned it just matters I get out and go.
Since then, I've hiked in different states, hiked alone, met amazing people in hiking groups both online and on the trails, fallen in a few creeks, taken myself on mini-road trips to find a perfect place to explore, basked in the beauty of nature, slid down icy hills, had a boot or two sucked into mud, have gotten whacked in the face with branches, been blessed with bruises, cuts, sore muscles but...have kept going, because going kept me here.

Hiking keeps me grounded. Hiking helps me find my happy. Hiking helps me challenge myself and fuel me towards new adventures.
Find and run with whatever makes you happy. 
Hike your own hike loves. 


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